Jogasaki (Hashidate) Suspension Bridge

A thrilling 60m long suspension bridge over the soaring cliffs of the Pacific

Jogasaki Suspension Bridge is a 60m long and 18m high bridge straddling the coastal cliffs of Jogasaki. Compared to the popular Kadowaki Suspension Bridge, there aren’t as many tourists at Jogasaki, so it is a secluded spot you can enjoy without the crowds.
城ヶ崎つりばし Yawatano Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture


A suspension bridge from where you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Jogasaki coast

The grand Jogasaki coastline consists of approximately 9km of lava rock. 4,000 years ago, Mt. Omuro erupted and sent magma flowing into the ocean, and the resulting formation was carved through sea erosion. It is over this coastline that Jogasaki (Hashidate) Suspension Bridge was built. When it comes to popular bridges, the tourists may flock to Kadowaki Suspension Bridge, but there is Jogasaki Bridge just 5km south. You can reach Jogasaki by the coastal nature trail from Kadowaki, but since there is quite a bit of distance involved, it’s recommended to walk over to Jogasaki from the parking lot near Izu Kogen Station. It’s a 15-minute walk but on the way, there are plenty of beautiful natural formations such as the Oyodo/Koyodo tide pools that are a favorite among the local citizens and the columnar joints created from rapid cooling of the lava by seawater.

An out-of-the-way spot where you can get a leisurely taste of thrills without having worry about crowds

The 60m-long Jogasaki Suspension Bridge has a height of 18m which is equivalent to a 6-story building. This bridge is even 12m longer than Kadowaki Bridge. Jogasaki is securely built but there are plenty of thrills since it does swing a fair bit. It has just a 20-person capacity but due to the relatively difficult access to the bridge, there aren’t too many tourists, so Jogasaki is an out-of-the-way place that would be suitable for those visitors who don’t like crowds. Nonetheless, the scenery of soaring cliffs that can only be found at the Izu Peninsula cannot be overshadowed even by Kadowaki Bridge. From Jogasaki Bridge, you can get that grand panoramic view of Hashidate in its infinite variety and the islands with their columnar joints. The spectacle of the harshness of nature paired with its beauty is the true charm of the Jogasaki coastline. There aren’t too many suspension bridges in Japan with such a beautiful view of the coast, so Jogasaki Bridge is an especially precious spot for such scenery.

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