The Railway Museum

All the fascinating aspects of Japan’s railways, from actual models to simulators

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This is the museum that railway fans definitely want to visit. There are 36 actual trains on display, the nation’s largest model train diorama, simulators where you can experience being in the driver’s seat, and mini trains you can operate.
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Monday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Wednesday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
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Friday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Saturday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Adult: 1,000 JPY
Children: 500 JPY

Pre-school children older than 3 years of age: 100 yen
鉄道博物館, Omiya-ku Saitama-shi Saitama
(048) 651-0088

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See the evolution of Japan’s railway technology through a complete permanent exhibition

The Railway Museum is famous for its excellent permanent display. The main exhibition is in the History Zone which makes up about half of the entire museum. There is an atrium up to the 3rd floor where 36 of Japan’s railway trains are displayed in chronological order. There are steam locomotives and Bullet Trains, and from April 2015, prewar electric engines have also made an appearance. An even greater feeling for the trains of that time can be felt with the recreation of features from those days such as platforms and schedule boards. You can sightsee from inside the trains, look down on the trains from above and see them from various angles through the passage of time. In the Entrance Zone on the 2nd floor, there is the huge railroad diorama that is said to be the largest in Japan. You can get a full view of stations, bridges, tunnels and other railway fixtures along with up to 20 trains in operation. In the commentaries that occur 8 times a day for 10 minutes each, the lighting is adjusted so that you can see the diorama through a day’s morning, afternoon and night.

If you want to try the interactive exhibits, get a numbered ticket as soon as the museum opens

There are 2 rides that require numbered tickets. The D51 steam engine driving simulator is aimed for junior high school students and older. Gauges such as the speedometer operate in tandem with the operation of the train, and there is even vibration. It’s a simulation where you can even try tossing coal into the fire chamber. If you are familiar with the construction of a steam engine, then you must try it at least once. Operation of the mini-trains is for Grade 1 elementary school students and older. The mini-trains can hold 3 people and run a loop on a 300-meter railroad track. There are 10 types of train including the Narita Express and an electric engine. An actual railway system is faithfully recreated. You can also try other simulators without needing a reservation, try being railway staff, and design your own trains. Even if you are not a train fan, this is a museum which you can still fully enjoy.

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