The Floating Garden (Umeda Sky Building)

It’s a landmark in Umeda and was chosen as one of the best 20 structures in the world

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Umeda Sky Building, the landmark of Umeda, is a tall skyscraper and the focus of attention of foreign tourists. The Floating Garden at 173 m is a thrilling spot.
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梅田スカイビル,Oyodonaka , Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,

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A striking design which has been called “A Future L’Arc de Triomphe”

Umeda Sky Building is a skyscraper with a height of 173 m with 40 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground. 20 years after its construction, it is very popular with foreign tourists. In 2008, UK newspaper The Times elected the building as one of the top 20 architectural structures in the world beside the Parthenon of Greece and the Opera House in Australia. The spark was its introduction as “a thrill-filled building like no other”. When the building is right in front of you, the unique exterior is surprising. The two 40-floor high towers are connected at the very top where the Floating Garden observatory is located. However, this Floating Garden is not your ordinary observatory.

It’s an incredible open-air observatory at 173 m above ground!

Take the 40-meter escalator from the 39th floor to the Floating Garden at the very top where it feels like you are floating in the sky. The escalator is surrounded by glass. With the outside in full view, you can get a feel of a sci-fi flick. When you finally reach the garden, naturally thinking that you will get a view of the scenery through the glass is a big mistake. At 173 m, the circular path called the “Lumi Sky Walk” feels as if you’ve been released into Heaven. Please be very careful about the high winds. From here, you can get a full 360-degree view of the Umeda Building complex, the Yodogawa River and Osaka Bay. And through the round hole in the center, you can get a peek at the ground far below. Even for those with a fear of heights, the spectacle is truly thrilling. You can believe that this is an out-of-the-ordinary observation deck.

“Lovers’ Sanctuary” where you can enjoy a romantic mood

It’s just as fine on a sunny day, but we especially recommend the evening. After enjoying the evening scenery where the entire sky burns red, you can also enjoy the night view with the stars glittering like diamonds. And at night, the Lumi Sky Walk completely changes. The Milky Way and an aurora appear through blue, green and purple LEDs, and it turns into a starry sky path. The spectacle is truly romantic! You can believe that the Floating Garden is seen as a paradise for lovers. In addition, the Lumi Deck with its colorfully shining LEDs spread across a glass stage is the most atmospheric spot within with this lovers’ sanctuary. On the surrounding Oath Fence, there are Heart Locks attached by couples. These Heart Locks can be purchased at a kiosk on the 40th floor (inside the observation deck). You can make your eternal vows of love as a married couple or as lovers, and it’s recommended that they be souvenir items to commemorate the occasion.

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5 years ago
Worth the price
Don't be scared of the line, it moves very quickly and I liked that it wasn't too packed at the top. It is a great spot to go for a date. The view is incredible and never ending.
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5 years ago
Not really a fan
Nothing to see here just the view of the city. The area is not ideal to visit and explore coz it's in the business district. I'd rather go to tsutenkaku where you can touch billiken and tons o kushikatsu and takoyaki restaurant
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6 years ago
Reach for the Sky Building
One of my favourite places in Osaka. The lift is made of glass, the escalator floats in the air and connects the two towers that make up the Umeda Sky Building, and the sky garden itself is open-air; so no reflective glass to spoil the view. The building itself was once voted one of the top buildings in the world, and I can understand why. An incredible building with a more incredible view of Osaka and beyond.
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