Osaka Station City

A redeveloped area, now with shops of the latest trends, directly connected to JR Osaka Station

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This former warehouse was reborn as a commercial area in 2011. This area has emerged as a new shopping spot, unlike the usual commercial district.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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大阪ステーションシティ ,Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
(06) 6458-0212

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Osaka Station City, a new famous place for Osaka

A former freight depot zone with an overall area of 24 hectares at the northern end of JR Osaka Station has been redeveloped into an area merging the station and the city. JR Osaka Station is next to a shopping mall, movie theaters, sports gym, hotel, restaurants, hospital and other facilities. A shopping mall, Lucua, has opened which aims at the young, and there is the Daimaru Department Store which includes the Pokemon Center and Tokyu Hands, Eki Marche with candy shops and delicatessens, along with Lucua West and a second branch of Tsutaya Books, specializing in lifestyle, to be opened following the first branch in Daikanyama, Tokyo. And to the north of Osaka Station City, the lively shopping mall aiming for people in their 30s and 40s, Grand Front, has also opened. The latest trends have been condensed into one area for the enjoyment of efficient shopping, and the many restaurants and cafes are another strong point. There are many coin lockers and luggage checks around the station so shopping is convenient.

The attraction of the architecture of JR Osaka Station

Under a huge dome conceals an entire station where 1500 trains come and go in one day. Directly below the dome is the Time and Space Plaza which holds many events and has a bridge connecting the north and south ends of the station. The trains running below create a moving diorama that makes it a good observation spot. The gold clock is also a convenient spot for meeting people. Audio guide rentals in English, Chinese and Korean are available so you can find out about the 8 station plazas and the history of Osaka Station.

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