Kouri Bridge/Kouri Island

A popular spot in Okinawa for the superb view from the bridge and the beaches on the island

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Since the opening of the Kouri Bridge in 2005, Kouri Island has become popular as an island easily accessible by car. Attractions include the symbol of the island, Kouri Ocean Tower, and the many beaches.
Kouri Island
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The wonderful view from the straight Kouri Bridge is popular

It takes 90 minutes due north by car from Naha to reach Kouri Island. Kouri Bridge extends 1960m and connects the northern part of the main island of Okinawa to Kouri Island and Yagaji Island. The wide ocean from either side of the bridge makes for a spectacular view. No matter the time of day, you can enjoy a visit to the bridge since you can see the water changing into an emerald green or a cobalt blue or even sunset orange.

The symbolic Kouri Ocean Tower

The 82m-tall Kouri Ocean Tower was opened in 2013. In the 1st-floor Shell Museum, over 10,000 examples of the world’s shells are on display. The 2nd and 3rd floors are glass-encased observation areas which have all the beauty of a painting with Kouri Bridge in the center. There is also an observation deck on the roof which provides a panoramic view of the islands off in the distance. Long ago, Kouri Island had once been called Kuijima (Island of Love) which retains the legend concerning the Okinawan equivalent of Adam and Eve. You can search for the various valentines located within the tower.

Many attractive beaches

Kouri Island has a radius of about 1km and a circumference of 8km, and there you can come across many attractive beaches. The most popular spot is Kouri Beach right by the bridge. The waters there are of excellent clarity, and in the vicinity, there is a free parking area and a shower facility, while the swimming area is much recommended. At the northern end of the island is Thinu Beach which is popular with couples. It is an area that has 2 rocks seen together to form a heart shape called Heart Rock. At the natural Tokei Beach, you can even swim with brilliantly-colored tropical fish. Also with the quiet hideaway of Sounu Beach and the legendary Chigunu Beach just a 5-minute walk away from Kouri Bridge, you can choose the particular beach of your choice.

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4 years ago
Bridge with clear water on both sides
Although it is a bit far to get to Kouri Island, you cannot miss this spot. During summer season, you will be amazed by the beauty of blue sea, sky and green island! Enjoy crossing this bridge and stay at the beach nearby! Great place to enjoy summer!
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