Bise Fukugi Trees

A quiet tree lined road in the Bise District, retaining memories of Okinawa from long ago

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The approximately 20,000 Fukugi trees stretching out for about 1 km create a relaxing area, also used in movies and commercials. The Bise District, also including some sacred areas, is one of the few remaining places that has retained the unspoiled landscape of Okinawa.
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The unspoiled landscape of Okinawa that is Bise District

About 2 hours away from Naha Airport by car, the northern part of the Okinawan main island has many attractive tourist spots starting with Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Within this area, the Bise area of Motobu Town is a rare place that still retains unspoiled landscape of the island. You can get that feeling of Okinawa which differs from the city of Naha with the old residences dotting the area and livestock such as goats being raised there. Bisezaki, which can be seen once you leave the area of Fukugi trees, can be enjoyed for snorkeling and watching the sunset at your leisure.

The tree-lined road that you want to enjoy on a stroll

Fukugi trees have been used as windbreaks on Okinawa since ancient times. Also known as “fuku wo yobu ki” (good fortune trees), they surround the 250 houses which are set out along the coast in a checkerboard pattern. The oldest trees are 300 years old, and as broad-leaved evergreen trees that are native to the Philippines, they can rise as high as 20m. On entering the tree-lined road, you can shade yourself from the strong Okinawan sunlight, and the sight of sunlight filtering through the trees is comfortable. As you go along the route with the guiding signboards, you will first encounter the Fuufu Fukugi (The Couple Fukugi) which is actually 2 giant trees connected to each other. It is a popular point that is supposed to bring happiness. Going further along, you will be able to the see the large Gajumaru tree. The scene of the huge roots stretched out is magical and incredible.

Another spot in Bise, the Bise-no-Warumi

A warumi refers to a fissure. Just 10 minutes away by rental bicycle from the Bise community, the Bise-no-Warumi takes you through a thicket and between some sheer cliffs before revealing a haven. There is a small rock between two gigantic ones which was supposedly the spot where a god had once descended. The beach cannot be accessed during high tide, so it is recommended that you visit during low tide.

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