Kinugawa River Boat Cruise

Get that full enjoyment from a river boat ride down the Kinugawa River, filled with the thrills of Mother Nature

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Starting from Kinunuma Marsh in Nikko National Park, the Kinugawa merges with one of the largest rivers in Japan, the Tone River, which straddles the border area between Chiba and Tochigi Prefectures. On the Kinugawa River Boat Cruise, you can enjoy a trip down the Kinugawa River gorge.
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Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 3:30 PM )
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 3:30 PM )
Adult: 2,800 YEN
Children: 1,800 YEN
(0288) 77-0531

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Enjoy the beauty of the Kinugawa River Gorge while cruising down the river

The cruise is a popular activity at the Kinugawa Onsen, famous for its hot springs. Boarding the passenger boat, it goes down the river as it is steered by an oarsman. You can fully enjoy the beauty of the gorge carved out by nature and filled with thrills, along with the strangely-shaped rocks that appear as dogs or even gorillas. Also, the expression of the Kinugawa Gorge changes over the four seasons. In the spring, the area is filled with blossoms of Fuji cherry, mountain cherry and wisteria. You can also spot Japanese nightingale. In the summer, there is Korean hill cherry and silver vine, and animals such as sweetfish and kingfisher. And then in the fall up to November, wild birds such as grey heron can be seen, and starting with blooms of hibiscus, the scenery of the scarlet fall foliage of the gorge becomes even more beautiful. However, the cruises don’t operate in the winter. The Kinugawa River Boat Cruise is near Kinugawa Onsen. After enjoying the cruise, it’s great to leisurely relax in a hot bath. In addition, there are facilities in the surrounding area such as Tobu World Square where the world’s famous buildings are recreated and exhibited at 1/25 actual size, and the 3D Space & Dinosaurs Museum for kids who couldn’t ride on the cruise.

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