Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

Take a trip back in time to an Edo era town

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It will take even an adult more than 1 hour to just walk around the grounds. It is an illusionary experience that will make you wonder if you have gotten lost in the world of movies. Transforming yourself into a person of the Edo era is the key to fully enjoying the theme park.
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[close] Dec. 8th - Dec. 21th
Adult: 4,700 YEN
Children: 2,400 YEN
Edo Wonderland, 470-2 Karakura Nikko-shi Tochigi
(0288) 77-1777

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The entire town is in the Edo Era

The borders and town streets, the downtown area and samurai residences, everything is built as structures from the Edo Era. The staff boost up the atmosphere. Everyone changes completely into samurai, ninja and Edo town residents, and fights and detective stories play out for real along the roadsides. You will enjoy yourselves no matter when and where you are. There are few places to get warm, and from around 2 p.m. in winter, the cold intensifies so please dress up for the weather.

Recommended places to see

Henshin Costume House

You can masquerade yourself as a citizen of the Edo Era such as a ninja, samurai, feudal lord, princess, artisan or female swordsperson, etc. for a day. The staff will even address you as that transformed character.

The samurai experience

Limited to the winter season (December to March). From the basics of the military arts to the Edo lifestyle, you will learn a way of life. Experience the samurai spirit that represents Japan.

The adult ninja experience

You will learn 5 disciplines (wall-climbing, crawling above ceilings, navigating through traps, underground infiltration, shuriken throwing). Experience the arts of protecting yourself and deception.

Karakuri Ninja Maze

This is a huge maze. There are also tricks that aren’t present in the usual mazes. It is exceptionally hard but emergency exits are available.

Kai Kai Ninja House

A place for ninja training. Your sense of balance will be tested. The complex construction means that it will be quite difficult to reach the exit.

Seven playhouses

You will have plenty of Edo Era amusement such as ninja, sword battles, water tricks, and courtesan dances. Spectacular performances will be right in front of your eyes.

Yakata boat cruises

Sightsee down the village river through a re-creation of places from Nihombashi to Ryogokubashi. You can see the townscape and how people live, and get a taste of the real Edo Era.

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