Myoko Highland

The substantial snowfall is the biggest attraction. A highland resort where you can truly enjoy skiing and an “onsen”

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Myoko Highland is famous for its 8 unique ski resorts. Spreading out at the foot of Mount Myoko is a resort area that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons. You can also enjoy soaking in the hot springs and hiking in the summertime.
Taguchi, Myoukou, Niigata 妙高高原駅 
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Enjoy some dynamic skiing in the heavy snowfall zone of Niigata

Myoko Highland which is famous for its heavy accumulation of snow is separated into 8 ski areas, each of which has its own attractive and individualistic courses. There are facilities such as the Super Giant Course with the steepest angle of 45 degrees, the Myoko Suginohara Resort with its 8500m-long course, and the Ikenodaira Ski Resort which boasts one of Japan’s most prominent snowboard parks; in fact, all of the areas allow snowboarding. There are courses that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to veterans and families are also welcome. All of the ski areas can be accessed by car from the Myoko Highland interchange within 10-25 minutes. By train, get off at Myoko Highland Station and take the shuttle bus heading towards each area and hotel. (Please check directly beforehand with each facility for bus schedules)

Myoko in the summer shines as a treasure box of nature with its trekking and mountain climbing

Myoko Highland which is a part of Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park can be enjoyed for its large mountainous environment during the summer. In the bright green fields, wild grasses and highland flora blossom during a season that is perfect for trekking. In addition, from the Myoko Highland Sky Cable (operates between mid-July to late October) that stretches from the foot of Mt. Myoko to the peak, you can view the great vista of the highland along with the mountain and lake, and from the station at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy trekking through a primeval beech forest. Furthermore, you can enjoy mountain climbing starting from the peak station over an easy course lasting 2.5 hours or an intermediate course lasting 6.5 hours taking you to the peak along with various other courses.

7 onsen villages at Myoko Highland

At Myoko Highland at the foot of the mountain, there are 7 onsen villages. Known as “The Seven Onsen of Myoko”, these villages are known for the 5 types of hot springs and the 3 different colors of water that can be discovered so that the area is also known in Japanese as the “753 Onsen Village”. You can even enjoy a tour of the villages since each of them can be reached within 5 to 10 minutes by car. The onsen is also ideal for relaxing from a day of skiing or mountain climbing so that you can enjoy the whole experience as a leisure set.

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