Totsukawa Onsen

Enjoy a relaxing onsen in the nation’s largest village in terms of land area, Totsukawa Village

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In Totsukawa Village in Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture, you can enjoy an onsen that flows 100% from the source spring. Navigating through the nature-rich village deep in the mountains is by bus or car.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

[close] Varies depending on the onsen facility
十津川観光協会, 315-1 Ohara, Totsukawa, Nara

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An onsen where you can spend a relaxing time surrounded in nature

Totsukawa Onsen has the largest grouping of ryokan and shops in the village. The onsen area leaves an impression of relaxation within an environment of mountains and lakes. An onsen town on the shores of the lake formed from Futatsuno Dam, the waters of the sodium hydrogen carbonate springs are said to heal cuts, burns and other external injuries. The Subaru Village Onsen Rest Facility Hoshi-no-Yu is open all year and its foot bath is free. At Iori-no-Yu, the foot bath is also free and the water can even be drunk. Ikoi-no-Yu can be enjoyed for its hot springs almost all year although Tuesdays are closed. When you get off at the bus stop for Totsukawa Onsen, you will find everything conveniently around you including the public baths, ryokan, minshuku inns and souvenir shops.

Plenty of sights to see in Totsukawa Village

Totsukawa Village, located in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, is Japan’s largest village in terms of land area. With no trains running through the area, you will use car or bus to get around once you arrive. Getting away from the center of town, you will gradually find yourself on country roads heading towards a more natural environment so that you will feel more refreshed. Even in such a village, there is plenty to see. Tanize Bridge at the town limits is a steel-wire suspension bridge which is one of the longest in Japan. It measures at 297 meters linking Uenochi and Tanize. It has a height of 54 meters and the bridge shakes as you are walking through the air which provides a lot of thrills. Also once you travel 20 minutes along Prefectural Route 734 from Totsugawa Onsen, you will arrive at Kamiyu Onsen. Located in the middle of nature, you can enjoy the sodium hydrogen carbonate springs which are good for skin ailments such as atopy. Furthermore, in the center of Totsugawa Village, there is Tousenji Onsen with its quiet mountain valley atmosphere. The public bath facility Taki-no-Yu is also recommended; it reopened in 2009 with a renovated interior.

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