Kawayu Onsen

Create your own personal “onsen” just by digging a hole in the river bed

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You can create your own “onsen” by mixing the hot water that bubbles up from the river bottom with the river water to make the temperature just right.. This is a hot springs spot where you can enjoy an open air bath surrounded by nature, under a clear blue or starry sky.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

It’s always possible to use the river bed for bathing, but the area becomes the Sennin-buro Bath during the following period: From December to the end of February 6:30am-10:00pm Kawayu Onsen Public Bath 8:00am-9:00pm [close] Open everyday(river bed for bathing) Tuesday(Kawayu Onsen Public Bath)
Kawayu Hot Spring, Hongucho, Tanabeshi, Wakayama
(0735) 42-1606

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An original open-air bath just for you

At Kawayu Onsen, which is in close proximity to the World Heritage site of Kumano Hon-gu Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture, you can enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary open-air bath. This is located at the river bed for the Oto River, a tributary of the Kumano River. Once you dig through the river bed with a shovel, hot spring water will bubble up and your own personal open-air bath will instantly surface. The temperature of the water that percolates up exceeds 70 degrees Celsius but mixing in some of that river water will make for the perfect bath. Enjoy that dynamic open-air bath surrounded by trees, under the blue sky by day or the starry sky by night while watching the river flow by.

The Sennin-buro Bath, a giant open-air bath only available in winter

Kawayu Onsen is the place where you can warm up your body in a hot spring when it chills down while having fun by the river. However, this all changes into the Sennin-buro Bath in winter. Entering an onsen during the cold of winter is another exceptional experience. Sennin-buro Bath is a giant open-air bath that only appears in that season. The river is dammed up from the actions of earth and trees, and a huge open-air bath is formed which goes on for up to 50m. When the bath is crowded, it’s also possible to enter the bath in a bathing suit. This is a precious bath which will rarely be washed away due to rain or any other changeable weather, and a winter open-air bath whose cold winds will feel comfortable, contrary to expectations. How about spending some luxurious time in this huge bath that appears in the middle of Mother Nature? Every Saturday while Sennin-buro Bath is in operation, the area is lit with lamps. The light of these lamps magically float up within the white clouds of steam in the dark night. Aside from the day, a dip into the onsen at night is also recommended.

Kawayu Onsen Public Bath

Even people who balk at getting into a crowded bath will enjoy Kawayu Onsen. At Kawayu Onsen Public Bath which is located by the Oto River, the water comes from the river bed. Situated at the center of Kawayu Onsen Village, after having fun on the dry river bed, you can easily use the public bath.

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