The Tokugawa Art Museum

Preserving over 10,000 artifacts including items bequeathed by Ieyasu Tokugawa

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A valuable collection that has amassed items left by Ieyasu Tokugawa, articles which belonged to the feudal lords, and everything from armor to goods used for wedding ceremonies. Even the museum building itself has been rdesignated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of the nation.
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Adult: 1,200 JPY
Children: 500 JPY
1017 Tokugawacho, Higashi-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 461-0023
(052) 953-6262

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From the swords and armor of the Sengoku Era to The Tale of Genji

The Tokugawa Art Museum is famous for its displays of armor and articles bequeathed from the daimyo (feudal lords) of the Tokugawa family, especially those from the first shogun of the Edo Era, Ieyasu Tokugawa. His hereditary collection, the swords and armor of those daimyo during the Sengoku (Warring States) Era, accessories, tea ceremony instruments, paintings and items used during wedding ceremonies among other exhibits are displayed. There is a tremendous number of over 10,000 artifacts which include 9 National Treasures and 59 Important Cultural Properties. There are many swords used in battle on display, and there are plenty of things to see to satisfy fans of the Sengoku Era. You will be drawn to the numerous priceless treasures that have been passed down over the generations of the Tokugawa family. You will also want to take note of the opulent lifestyle of the Tokugawa family back in the day through their items such as beautiful kimono and furnishings. There are 6 exhibition rooms in total. Exhibition Room 1 displays the swords and armor, symbols of a samurai. Room 2 specializes in the tea ceremony, Room 3 is the arrangement of Japanese tea utensils, Room 4 has a Noh stage, and Room 5 has daily utensils used by the wives of daimyo. In Room 6, beautiful calligraphy and paintings can be observed up close, and it is also famous for the scroll of The Tale of Genji which has been preserved as a National Treasure.

Learn things in a more fun way through events

The Tokugawa Art Museum has volunteer staff providing commentary on the exhibits and interactive learning for travelers who want to learn deeply about history. There is also the Tokugawa Tea Party where you can observe tea ceremony utensils closely. Since schedules and times will differ for events, it is necessary to check the museum homepage, but if you have the chance, please participate by all means. In addition, along with the permanent exhibitions, there are also the special temporary exhibitions which cannot be missed. Items such as the National Treasure of the scroll of The Tale of Genji are displayed via their reproductions, but you must check out the actual items when they are displayed from time to time.

Tokugawa Art Museum

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