Enjoy the city of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture by visiting the central area, Sakae

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Sakae, the center of Nagoya city, is an amusement quarter which represents Aichi Prefecture. Enjoy shopping in the department stores, malls, and the huge underground complex, and also enjoy the night view.
Sakae, Naka-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0008

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Enjoy shopping in Sakae

There are plenty of facilities to enjoy shopping in Sakae. First, there are the department stores of Meitetsu, Matsuzakaya, Maruei and Mitsukoshi. The Nagoya branch of Matsuzakaya, especially, boasts the largest department store in Japan in terms of area. There are also large shopping facilities such as Parco, Nadia Hall, and Sunshine Sakae, and besides apparel shops, there are movie theaters, bookstores, music venues, cafes and restaurants. In recent years, the number of boutiques and brand shops has increased, and the energy of Sakae has been gradually increasing. At night, the area lights up in neon and drinking establishments. There are also the large underground streets centering around Sakae’s Higashiyama Line such as Mori-no-Chikagai, Sakaechika and Central Park. At the eateries and cafes of Mori-no-Chikagai and Sakaechika, you can try Ogura Toast and foods stewed in miso that are only found in Nagoya, while Central Park has a reputation among young people and women for ladies’ fashion. ,If you come to Sakae, please enjoy the shopping in these huge underground shopping streets.

Also enjoy Mother Nature in Sakae

TV Tower is the symbol of Sakae, and it is surrounded by Hisaya Odori Park. There are avenues lined with camphor trees and fountains, and at night, an illuminated TV Tower is beautiful. Next to that same tower is the large facility of Oasis 21. Part of the facility was built with the environment in mind as it uses rain water and sunlight for power, and there is a relaxing grassy area and a huge glass roof that is 14 meters above the ground where you can take a walk in the sky. Underneath Oasis 21is a multipurpose complex including a bus terminal and shopping center. It is great to leisurely stroll through nature.

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8 years ago
The place to be when it becomes night
I really like the vibe around Nagoya. At every corner you see another artist (singer, band, dancer) practising what he or she loves to do. One lovely memory about my trips to Japan was for sure that warm evening in Sakae when I walked around a park and a band played some really good songs. I stopped for a while listening to them and watching the passing cars and lovely lights all around me. From the TV tower you will have a nice view over this area. I've went up when it was dark already and I think that's the best time to go up, or maybe just before sunset. Around here you can try out the famous Miso Katsu (pork cutlet served with thick miso sauce). The red miso is really strong, so maybe it's not for everyone, but I love it!
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