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Korankei is famous for its maples and blossoms of dogtooth violet. In the autumn, the leaves take on beautiful colors, and the area in Aichi Prefecture is popular with many tourists.
香嵐渓,愛知県豊田市 足助町飯盛

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The beauty during the fall is incredible

Korankei is located in Asuke-cho, Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture. Asuke-cho is an appealing town of traditional and historical heritage and Mother Nature as “a district of history, tradition and creation”. Korankei is a valley in that area where you can enjoy that nature. In 1634, maple and cedar trees were planted along the path heading towards Kojaku-ji Temple in the same valley and with features such as a walking path being built, the current Korankei came into being. The vermilion Taigetsukyo Bridge is a symbol of Korankei and the area is popular with tourists for its splendid nature throughout the four seasons. The different expressions of the seasons can be displayed: the countryside flora of spring, the lush green of summer, the fall foliage and the scene of winter. Korankei is attractive for its wide display of Mother Nature, but the most popular time is the autumn. The scene of approximately 4000 maple trees turning gold and red beautifully covering the entire valley is incredible. The autumn colors can be seen from early November and the area is lit up at night between sunset and 9 p.m. At the same time, the Korankei Maple Festival is held and the leaves are at their best until early December. Also from late March, the dogtooth violet are in full bloom. On good days, how about taking a stroll while seeing these sprite-like early spring violet blossoms?

Places to see around Korankei

In the area surrounding Korankei, there are still plenty of sightseeing spots for nature and historical architecture. The beginnings of the streets of Asuke-cho were started during the Sengoku Era, and in the Edo Era, the town took on its current shape. Asuke-cho’s townhouses were applied with plaster to prevent destruction by fire. It’s interesting to sightsee around the streets with that feeling of the Edo Era and the historic buildings such as Asuke Castle. Also, it’s wonderful to get that full feeling of nature through sites such as Kojaku-ji Temple which is famous for its maples and Mt. Kannon which has been called the second Korankei.

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