A post town that has retained its Edo Era appearance so that it feels as if you’ve gone back in time

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Tsumago-juku was the 42nd post town on the Nakasendo, one of the 5 main routes during the Edo Era. In the townscape that has splendidly preserved and recreated the appearance of life back in those days, you can enjoy elegant buildings and many kinds of events.
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Tsumago, 2159-2 Azuma Nagiso-machi Kiso-gun,Nagano
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A post town that has passed down the lifestyle from the old days to today

The route that spanned from Tokyo’s Nihombashi to Kyoto’s Sanjo Ohashi via the inland area of central Honshu was called Nakasendo. Tsumago-juku located in the southwest portion of Nagano Prefecture was the lively 42nd of 69 post stations along Nakasendo. The main street of Tsumago-juku which extends for 500m was given the national designation of Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings in 1976, and since then it has continued to preserve its appearance as an Edo Era post town.

A group of buildings that has retained its original appearance

The Wakihonjin Okuya which was used as an inn for VIPs is a building that made use of architectural techniques of the day. Inside the facility, the light shining in from the latticework on good days in winter is wondrous which has attracted a lot of tourists. Recognized as a National Important Cultural Property, the Nagiso-machi Museum consists of the three buildings of the Tsumago-juku Honjin Inn, the History Museum and the aforementioned Wakihonjin Okuya. The Kami Sagaya which was made a Tangible Cultural Property of the town is one of the oldest buildings in Tsumago-juku whose appearance as an accommodation for working people is readily apparent. Other places include old-style bulletin boards and the streets below the temple which were the starting point for Tsumago-juku which give an atmosphere of a trip back through time.

Events all throughout the year

There are events held in Tsumago-juku throughout the year including the Rhododendron Festival, the Tsumago-juku Fire Festival and the viewing of the fireflies. Especially popular is a parade which takes place on November 23rd in which approximately 130 participants in the guise of old government officials, warriors, peasants and town girls traveling through the town streets. Along with the main bridal procession, there are also traditional performances of taiko drums and other forms of entertainment so that this is an event which helps you feel the history of the Edo Era.

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