Gero Onsen

This is one of Japan’s most popular onsen along with Arima Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen. Gero Onsen is famous for its waters beneficial for beautiful skin.

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Gero Onsen, located in the Hidagawa River valley, is one of Japan’s most famous hot springs. It has been flourishing since the Edo Era. The water is very gentle on the skin, so your skin feels smooth when you rise up from the bath. It is popular for its benefits for beautiful skin.

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Japan’s foremost hot spring for beautiful skin with its soft water

Gero Onsen is ranked alongside Hyogo Prefecture’s Arima Onsen and Gunma Prefecture’s Kusatsu Onsen as one of the Top 3 Famous Onsen in Japan. With an ancient history beginning in the Edo Era, it has gained its fame as a spa. There are many ryokan along the Hidagawa River where Funsen Pond still exists now, and the area is popular as an onsen town. The water quality of Gero Onsen is such that it is known as a pure alkaline hot spring. With water that has the same feel as smooth beauty lotion, the number of repeat customers who visit Gero to obtain beautiful skin is endless. To fully enjoy the famous springs of Gero, purchase a Yumeguri Tegata spa pass. With this pass, you can visit up to 3 baths among the ones participating in the programme.

Enjoy the famous springs of Gero easily during a stroll

Along with day-trip onsen facilities such as Shirasagi-no-Yu in the town, there are also spots for footbaths. You can also enjoy the famous springs of Gero easily without needing to be visitors staying overnight. Among these facilities, one recommendation is Funsen Pond along the banks of the Hidagawa River. This is a large open-air bath which has no set outer limits at all even though it is located right in the center of town. You can fully enjoy the source springs of Gero Onsen with the streams of the Hidagawa River in the background. Although it requires no fee to enter, swimwear is required since both men and women use the bath at the same time. Everyone including couples and families are welcome to enjoy bathing in its waters.

After the bath, sate your appetites with cuisine only found in Gero!

Another attractive point of Gero is the abundance of good food and souvenirs there. You can savor a taste that can’t be found anywhere but in Gero through foods using local ingredients that have been labeled “G Gourmet” and “G Sweets”. For “G Gourmet”, you will come across dishes such as handmade soba and local cuisine which includes Kei-chan with chicken, cabbage & miso, and other dishes which liberally incorporate Hidagawa beef. As for “G Sweets”, there are many desserts such as warm custard pudding which uses ingredients such as Gero milk, and soft-serve ice cream using onsen eggs. Taking a walk around the town while having a bite is suggested after enjoying a bath.

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