Ayanoteruha Bridge

A large thrilling suspension bridge spanning over the evergreen forests of the Aya River Gorge

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A world class suspension bridge from where you can see a panoramic view of a broad leaf evergreen forest registered with UNESCO. It’s thrilling to be able to see the trees below your feet through the metal bars.
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A bridge going over the country’s largest evergreen forest

At a height of 142m and a total length of 250m, Ayanoteruha Bridge is world-class in terms of a pedestrian suspension bridge overlooking the Aya River Gorge within Kyūshū Chūō Sanchi Quasi-National Park. Originally built in 1984, it was rebuilt in 2011. The huge broad-leafed evergreen forest of the Aya River Gorge is an unparalleled pristine area which is divided into 3 layers of plant life with 24 species of evergreen trees such as evergreen oak and camphor thriving to create a natural ecosystem. Japan’s largest woods were registered as the Aya UNESCO Ecopark in 2012.

A thrilling walk through the air

From Ayanoteruha Bridge, you can get a great view of the forest as you walk through the air, and sense the blessings of Mother Nature and the wonder of an ecosystem. The flooring for the bridge is made up of metal grating so that you can get that thrill of watching the trees and the river flowing through the valley directly underneath your feet. The side railing and the upper part of the bridge are built so that there is an open feeling to get that wonderful view. Since it is a suspension bridge, there is also a certain thrill of the vibration you feel as you walk across it. Depending on the season, a unique and lovely scenic beauty can be witnessed with blossoming mountain cherries within the forest during mid-March, fresh leaves during April and May, and the autumn colors.

An enjoyable stroll through the woods

On the other side once you cross over the bridge, a nature trail continues on for about 2km from where you can enjoy a walk through the woods which is divided into 20-minute and 60-minute courses. Just before you come across Ayanoteruha Bridge, though, there is the Teruha Forest Museum where you can learn about the broad-leafed forest and its denizens. A souvenir shop and a restaurant are also available.

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