A 3.6km “bridge to heaven” over the sea created by nature over several thousand years

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A beautifully-formed creation of nature whose appearance will differ depending on where you view it. The views of Hiryukan from Amanohashidate View Land and Shoryukan from Kasamatsu Park can be seen.
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The 3.6km-long sandbar and thriving pine trees provide picturesque scenery

Located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture by Miyazu Bay in the Sea of Japan, Amanohashidate is one of Japan’s Three Scenic Views alongside Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture and Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture. It is an example of formative art that came into being over thousands of years, and on this 3.6km-long sandbar which varies in width from 20 to 170m, there are about 8000 pine trees of varying sizes. Amanohashidate’s name originates from the fact that it looks like a bridge going to heaven. The view of Amanohashidate from the top of a hill is superb, and if you view the sandbar by turning your back on it and bending over to look between your legs (Matanozoki), you will find that the sky and ocean reverse so that it resembles a floating bridge to heaven. You can also enjoy the view from an observation point, and actually walk across Amanohashidate one-way in 50 minutes or ride a bicycle through the area.

Take in the view of a powerful dragon

The two major popular viewspots are Amanohashidate View Land close to Amanohashidate Station and Kasamatsu Park on the opposite shore. You can reach View Land via lift or monorail in about 6 minutes. Along with the Hiryukan Corridor which envisages a 250m-long dragon where you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view, there are plenty of other attractions for the kids such as a Ferris wheel, go-carts and an SL train. From the observation restaurant, you can enjoy meals while admiring the view of Amanohashidate. To go to Kasamatsu Park, you can take a pleasure boat from Amanohashidate Pier near Amanohashidate Station in 12 minutes or take a rental bicycle or walk over to the opposite shore; there is also a cable car and lift to get you there. The Sky Deck from where you can also get a great view of the area is covered partially in glass and wood from where you can get a view of the 40m drop right below you. As well, there is the relaxing observation space of the Sky Terrace along with an observation restaurant and souvenir shop.

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