A group of 5 beautiful lakes with differing characteristics. You can have an amazing view from the observation point

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Mikatagoko is a group of 5 lakes with differing characteristics including freshwater, seawater, and brackish water. The color of the water changing through the seasons s a mysterious sight . Once you reach the observation point, you can enjoy an exhilarating panorama of the mountains and lakes.
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5 lakes with 5 different water qualities…the breathtaking Mikatagoko with a variety of ecosystems

Surrounded by low gentle hills are the 5 lakes of Mikatagoko. Adjacent to each other, each lake has its own different quality and through the seasons, the colors of the lakes shift subtly so that they have also been called the Five-Color Lakes. Mitakagoko consists of the brackish Lake Suigetsu which is also the largest lake in area, the saltwater Lake Hiruga which is rich in ocean fish, Lake Mikata where carp and eel can be harvested in its fresh waters, Lake Kukuji which has a long north-south axis on which boating regattas have been held, and finally, the smallest Lake Suga which is a habitat for wild fowl such as eagles and ducks. In 2005, it was registered as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention and is a Place of Scenic Beauty whose lush natural environment has been preserved.

Great nature with a total 360-degree view which is a popular region for taking vows

Sancho (Summit) Park where you can get the loveliest view of Mikatagoko is a spot which you absolutely have to visit. This park which stands atop the peak of the 400m Mt. Baijo can be accessed by lift or cable car. At Sancho Park, there are many sights to see besides the observation point such as a rose garden, a Lovers’ Monument which has been recognized as the holy land for couples, and Wago Shrine where you can get good fortune in harmonious relationships, but the most fascinating place is the large lock monument known as the Chikai-no-Kagi or the Lock of Vows. The Chikai-no-Kagi is a popular spot where you make heartfelt promises in front of the giant lock and the nature of Mikatagoko. This monument was actually built in the birthplace of the lock, India, as an important item to make those promises. You can make any sort of promise regarding matters such as love, scholastic and financial success, giving up smoking and dieting. Start taking that first step toward realizing your dreams by making a vow at Mikatagoko.




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