Kurokabe Square

A sightseeing spot in Nagahama with many attractive shops centered on art

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There are many shops dotted around the retro townscape of Nagahama, centering around the Kurokabe Glass Museum, a renovated old bank. It is also known as Japan’s largest exhibition area for glass art.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

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12-38 Motohamachō Nagahama-shi, Shiga
(0749) 65-2330

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Enjoy art and shopping

Kurokabe Square has made excellent use of the traditional buildings in the old downtown in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture with its art shops, glass workshops, cafes, restaurants and other individualistic establishments. The Kurokabe Glass Museum, which was built as a restoration of the old Kurokabe Bank that had been popular since the Meiji Era, is the symbol of Kurokabe Square. The wooden Western-style building built in 1990 has character where on entering, various glittering glass products can be seen. Kurokabe Square is also known as Japan’s largest exhibition area for glass art. At the museum, you can encounter various glass works from all over the world including Europe. On top of that, there is Gallery Amis which deals in glass works of high quality from all of the studios, and Kurokabe Glass Studio where you can closely observe the production of glass. You will want to take this opportunity to experience the world of glass. Aside from the works of glass, the Square also has boutiques that value encounters between buyers and artisans. You should be able to find the product that you are interested in.

Make your own creation at the trial classes

At the trial classes at Kurokabe Square, anyone from little children to grown-ups can enjoy making their own glass works. You can produce your own original work of glass art through classes such as glass blowing, stained glass, glass bead making, sandblasting, gel candles and decorative music boxes. Aside from the Kurokabe Trial Classes, there are also the pottery-making Hokkokugama Trial Classes and the figure-making classes at Kaiyodo Figure Museum. Everyone can relate to the joy of creating something on their own.

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