Katsurahama Beach

A picturesque area with a wide curving seashore and a lovely green pine forest

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This is a famous tourist area symbolizing Kochi Prefecture. Facing the Pacific Ocean there is a statue of the hero of Kochi, Ryoma Sakamoto, a Bakumatsu Era warrior. Inside the park, there is the Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum, an aquarium, and a dog fighting arena so it is a place you can enjoy yourself all day.
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A Place of Scenic Beauty that is famous for the moon

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Katsurahama Beach is a Place of Scenic Beauty representing Kochi Prefecture that has a wide curving shoreline by Urado Bay between Cape Ryuzu and Cape Ryuo. Atop a hill that measures 13.5m in height by the beach stands the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto facing the Pacific as a patriot during the dying days of the Tokugawa Era. Along with the beautiful deep blue sea and the sandy beach, there is a lush green pine forest to create a wonderful picturesque scene. The beach has also been known since ancient times as a place for moon-viewing, a fact that has even been mentioned in a song famous in Kochi Prefecture titled “Yosakoi Bushi”.

Katsurahama Park with plenty of sights to see

The entirety of Katsurahama Beach has been made into a park where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll with features such as the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto which measures 13.5m in height including the dais, stone monuments for poet Keigetsu Omachi and Sakamoto, and nature trails. Inside the park, you can visit the Katsurahama Aquarium where you can view schools of the mysterious Japanese lates, a fish that is indigenous to Tosa Bay, feed sea turtles and penguins and enjoy seal shows, the Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial Museum where easy-to-understand exhibits of valuable historical information related to the Japanese hero are displayed with his character, achievements and even his way of teaching introduced, and the Kuuhaku Stage/Rooftop Observation Point from where you can get a panoramic view of the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, at the Tosa Dog Park which has merged a puppy farm, the Tosa Dog Museum and a dogfighting arena for the Tosa Fighting Dog which has been made into a prefectural natural monument, you can enjoy the ring where champion dogs enter, a petting area for the puppies and a walk with the adult dogs. Dog fights are not held regularly so checking the schedule is necessary. There is also the inexpensive government-run hotel Katsurahama-so overlooking the beach which has great views of the ocean from every room and the large bath. However, swimming is prohibited at Katsurahama Beach.

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