Hirome Market

A famous food stand village selling specialties like seared bonito grilled over a straw fueled fire

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A “yatai” (food stand) village with 60 lively shops operating from morning to night. This is a popular tourist destination where you can stop and have a bite of something delicious to eat at the various shops.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 8:0 AM ~ 11:0 AM )
Sunday ( 7:0 AM ~ 11:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 8:0 AM ~ 11:0 AM )
Holidays ( 8:0 AM ~ 11:0 AM )

[close] New Year’s Day and the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of January, May and September ※There are times when the shops are closed depending on the establishment
2-3-1 Obiyacho, Kochi
(088) 822-5287

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A yatai facility right by Kochi Castle

Located in the center of Kochi City, Hirome Market is easily accessible since it is only a 2-minute walk from Kochi Castle. There are approximately 40 restaurants and fish shops where you can have a taste of Kochi Prefecture’s famous dishes and specialty goods, and 20 general goods and souvenir stores to create an atmosphere for a large yatai village. The market consists of 7 areas such as Ryoma Avenue, Haikara Yokocho and Igossou Yokocho and since they are all indoor facilities, you can enjoy the yatai without worrying about the weather.

A market beloved by all

Shigeaki Hirome who was the chief retainer for the Tosa Domain was the famous feudal lord at the end of the Tokugawa Era for whom his home is the current site for Hirome Market. Following the Meiji Restoration, residents affectionately called the entire site Hirome House which became Hirome Market once the area became commercialized. The market is an area for tourists and local citizens to enjoy as a place which has passed down the culinary and commercial culture of Tosa over the generations.

The specialties of Kochi all together under one roof

Within the market, there are tables and seats for approximately 400 people so at first please save a spot for the number of people you have in your group. After that, drop by the places that you want to get the food so that you can savor dishes within a lively air. For instance, at Myojin Maru, the warayaki shio tataki which is a single bonito seared over a straw fire and then sliced and sprinkled with salt is extremely popular. There are also establishments like Chibikara Honpo which is Kochi’s most famous shop for fried chicken and Hirome-ya where you can enjoy dried fish and Kochi’s 18 brands of local sake. The variety goes even further with establishments for sushi, teppan cuisine, ramen, takoyaki, genuine Chinese food, Indian cuisine and a wine bar.

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