Jomyoji Temple

Not only is it a dignified historic landmark but also a place to enjoy matcha tea and a meal while viewing the garden

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The Kencho-ji temple school of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism was built in 1188. The main hall, which was rebuilt in 1756, and a Japanese rock garden can be observed. You can enjoy a cup of matcha tea viewing the garden, and the in-temple restaurant with an English-style garden is popular. While admiring this garden at the restaurant, visitors can also enjoy cuisine using local ingredients.
Business Hours

Open: Jomyoji Temple  9am – 4:30pm Restaurant: Ishigama Garden Terrace  10am – 5pm Tel 0467-22-8851 13 Close: Jomyoji Temple  Open every day Restaurant: Ishigama Garden Terrace  Mondays(If Monday is a national holiday, then the following Tuesday is closed) The restaurant will be closed on certain days in summer and during the New Year’s holidays
Adult: 100 YEN
Children: 50 YEN
3-8-31 Jomyoji, Kamakura, Kanagawa
(0467) 22-2818

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