A small island, 4km in circumference, projecting from the shore as one of Japan’s 100 Best Sceneries.

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From historic structures such as Enoshima Shrine and the many caves to recreational facilities such as an aquarium and places for marine sports, the entire island is popular as one vast tourist area.
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From a place of Buddhist practice and prayer to an area of tourism

The Iwaya caves of Enoshima, formed through wave erosion from ancient times, had been places of Buddhist training for the monks. Afterwards, the first shogun of the Kamakura Era, Yoritomo Minamoto, established Enoshima Shrine so that generations of shogun would visit it to pray. The enshrined god of water was also made to be the guardian deity for kabuki, so people of culture also visited the shrine, and gradually it developed into a resort area for the common people. Currently, not just Enoshima but the surrounding beaches and aquarium have made the area into a huge tourist spot.

Get a glimpse of history through a 4-hour trip around the island

There is a tourist information office once you get off at Katase-Enoshima Station on the Odakyu Express Line and cross over the bridge in front of the station. Stopping off there before walking over to Enoshima, you can obtain some useful pamphlets. When you cross over to the island via the Bentenbashi Bridge, you will encounter a bronze torii gate at the entrance. Beyond the gate, there is the path going toward Enoshima Shrine. On either side, there are souvenir shops lined up. Going up the sloped path toward the shrine and through the red torii, you will see Zuishinmon Gate which is said to resemble Ryugu-jo Castle. Enoshima Shrine is one of The Three Great Shrines of Benzaiten in Japan which have enshrined three sister goddesses. There are three shrines which are located on the island. At the very back of the island where Okutsumiya Shrine is located, walking from there for 10 minutes will bring you to the Iwaya caves. There are the First Cave (length 152m) and the Second Cave (length 56m), and with a purchase of a ticket, you can enter them by candlelight. A group of stone formations and a dragon god among other things are enshrined there. There is a mystic atmosphere to go along with the naturally-created scenery.

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7 years ago
Authentic Island experience
I loved Enoshima. Enoshima is easily to reach from Tokyo and perfect for a beach day. The beach is really close to the station and a long bridge leads you to the actual Island. It is small, so you can walk the path all over the Island in less then an hour. At the back side there is also a small beach with many rocks where you can take many pictures. Though crowded, the atmosphere on the Island was really nice, with many shops selling delicious fresh seafood and yummy snacks. One tip, if you go in the evening you will find less people, but careful to not miss your train back!
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7 years ago
Lovely one day trip!
Being very close to Tokyo, its a great one day trip! I loved the temple and the dragon decorations around it the most! it had a very good impact on me, with a kinda of mysterious kind of vibe! The island itself is small, what helps to explore it in a day! But be prepared to go up a lot f stairs, and find on the way many adorable trinket shops as well as very Japanese-y food tents and restaurants! I recommend it as a spring/summer day trip as there is a beach close by and you can enjoy it before going to the Enoshima island!
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