Morioka Castle Ruins Park (Iwate Park)

The castle of a “Nambu” feudal lord inside a park. The remains of the stone walls have history carved into them

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Morioka Castle Ruins Park has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Japanese Historical Parks for its ancient ruins. The scenery of flowers blooming all year is wonderful, and it is well known as a place of relaxation for the citizens of Morioka city.
Iwate Prefecture, Morioka, Uchimaru 盛岡城跡公園
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The remains of a castle within a flourishing castle town

Morioka is a city that has had a history as an Edo Era castle town surrounding Morioka Castle, the headquarters for the Nambu feudal lord. The town flourished as a rich farming area spread out blessed with transportation routes such as the main north-south street and water transport on the Kitakami River. However with the abolishment of the feudal system, most of the castle buildings including the keep were demolished in 1874, so that a castle that had had 240 years of history came to an abrupt end. Afterwards, Yasuhei Nagaoka, who was seen as the pioneer for modern parks, designed the area in 1906 into a park so that it was reborn as a civic green space where the citizens could come together. There are traces of history everywhere inside the park, and the beautiful remains of the stone walls continue to relate the ancient times.

An elegant park where flowers continue to bloom throughout the four seasons

When spring arrives after the fading of winter, a variety of flowers adorn the park. In the plum grove of about 100 plum trees, blossoms appear to adorn the profound stone walls at the peak time between late March and early April. Spring is at its height in late April when 200 cherry trees blossom. And afterwards, the season of flowers continues far into the year with the azaleas of early summer and the rose garden up to summer. Finally, there are the fall maple leaves up to the first snow of winter so that beautiful landscapes can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Various events in a park where citizens and tourists alike can meet and relax

At Morioka Castle Ruins Park which spreads out widely as a civic park, there are numerous events which are held throughout the year. Along with the variety of flower festivals, there is the September outdoor music event, the Ishigaki Music Festival, the December Morioka Yuki Akari whose snow candles are lovely, and many other events which have gotten praise for citizens and tourists to get together.

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