Kenji Miyazawa Fairytale Village

Kenjiy Miyazawa Fairytale Village where you can enjoy a whole day as the protagonists of the author’s works can potentially pop up.

Indoor exhibits filled with fantasy that are based on the poems and children’s stories of Kenji Miyazawa. Walking in the outdoor forest and plaza, you can get that sense of Ihatov, the utopian land that was described by Miyazawa.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 8:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM )
Sunday ( 8:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM )
Weekdays ( 8:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM )
Adult: 350 JPY
Children: 150 JPY

Students 250 yen
宮沢賢治童話村 Dai 26 Chiwari-19 Takamatsu, Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture
(0198) 31-2211

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