Hanamaki Onsen

A relaxing onsen village surrounded by the nature of a deep gorge whose onsen hotels with their own personality are charming

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The most prominent onsen village in the Tohoku region. There is a variety of onsen facilities through modern hotels, pure Japanese ryokan and rustic hot spring health resorts where you can cook by yourself.
Iwate-ken, Hanamaki-shi, Yumoto, Dai 1 Chiwari
(0198 ) 29-4522

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The pristine natural environment where masterpiece poetry and children’s stories were born is also the place for a charming onsen village

Along the gorge of the Ou Mountains, 12 onsen which boast a rich supply of hot spring water make up the Hanamaki Onsen Village. Due to this scale, it has become famous for being the foremost onsen area in the Tohoku region. The accommodations scattered within the village all have their own characteristics over which they compete with each other. This area which measures 1.6 million hectares is a part of the designated Hanamaki Onsen Village Prefectural Nature Park, and within the park, you can enjoy a stroll on the refreshing nature trail with the sunlight filtering in through the trees. There are also magnificent sites such as the 8.5m-high and 30m-wide Kamabuchi Falls which are pleasing to the eye. The winter snowscapes are also beautiful, and you can spend a soothing time within dramatic Mother Nature that is a feature of the Tohoku along with that view of the star-filled skies during a night in the outdoor bath. Hanamaki Onsen Village also happens to be the area that was loved by Kenji Miyazawa, the famous Japanese writer of poetry and children’s books in the early part of the 20th century. You will be able to fully enjoy the hot springs and the nature of the land which begat many of his masterpieces.

Charming facilities that can be enjoyed by everyone, from couples to families

There are up to 30 lodging facilities situated in the village. At Hanamaki Onsen which is the largest of them, there is a range of unique onsen facilities from pure Japanese ryokan to large-scale resort hotel-type buildings. The Rose Garden, where spring flowers in full bloom are enjoyed, is a hit with the tourists. On the other hand, Ozawa Onsen which cherishes the old and nostalgic “hometown scenery” is famous for its outdoor bath along the mountain stream which has plenty of spirit. With its main Japanese-style ryokan, there is also a self-catering area where guests can make their own dishes and long-term stay is also possible. You will also want to spend a relaxing day coming across the onsen that you prefer such as the old rustic accommodations at Dai Onsen and Shidotaira Onsen which also serves as a hotel that has a pool for families and even an onsen for dogs.

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