The world of the “Pure Land” as the scenery of mysterious stone mountains rises up from the bay

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The ancient landscape of Jodogahama (Pure Land Beach) has a superb view representing the Sanriku region with its white beach drawing a soft line and precipitous and exposed stone mountains created in the bay.
Jodogahama 32 Hitachihamacho, Miyako, Iwate
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A Place of Scenic Beauty that boasts an unworldly beauty

Sanriku Fukko National Park’s Jodogahama with its wonderful scenery of sea and dynamic and fantastically-shaped rocks facing the Pacific is a mysterious beach with a tranquil bay containing huge soaring rocky mountains. The unique topography of white masses of rock and pebbles formed from volcanic rock 52 million years ago inspires visitors for its ancient landscape being nakedly exposed. A monk in the 17th century by the name of Reikyo who visited the area remarked at how much it resembled the Pure Land due to the overflowing beauty so that it received its name of Jodogahama. On the summits of those soaring white rocks, bunches of evergreen trees grow thick, and along with the blue ocean and the curved white sandy beach, the contrast of softness and harshness has created a splendid place of scenic beauty.

The splendid time spent at Jodogahama with the ocean, the landscape and gourmet food

At Jodogahama, there are plenty of leisure activities that will have you feeling nature such as swimming in the placid bay and enjoying the wonderful scenery while trekking. There are also pleasure cruises and as you enjoy that feeling of openness on board, you can also appreciate the places of scenic beauty in dynamic Sanriku with the Natural Monuments of Candle Rock and the Blowhole. Not just an area for the summer, the snowscapes on the beach during the quiet season are also beautiful and only serve to enhance the mysticism. The winter in which this serene scene of subtlety and depth can be seen also has its charms. This area, which has also been blessed by food, the local sushi and seafood are also top-notch. Jodogahama will attract visitors as it brings together the concepts of sight, leisure and taste.

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