Genbikei Gorge

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the four seasons at this gorge created from the natural rocks and waterfalls

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Enjoy the cherry blossoms of spring, the green of summer, the foliage of fall, and the thick snow of winter. Experience the nature and the scenery of the four seasons in the Genbikei Gorge that spans 2 km.
Genbikei Iwate, Ichinoseki, Genbi
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The beauty of mountain torrents created from natural rocks of unique shape

Genbikei Gorge is a land of picturesque scenery that has been known since ancient times for its wonderful landscape that is representative of Iwate Prefecture. Situated at the Iwai River which originates from Mt. Kurikoma, it spans 2 kilometers. The dynamic view of massive fantastically-shaped rocks and waterfalls right in front of you and the atmosphere created from the nature of all four seasons make for a grand sight. This landscape, which has been designated both as a National Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument, was carved out over centuries as the rock face that was created from the sediment of a volcanic eruption was eroded by the river. It is not only valuable for tourists but also valuable in terms of geology as well.

A Genbikei specialty, Soratobu Dango

At Genbikei, the Soratobu Dango, or flying dumplings, is an unconventional specialty. In actual fact, the dumplings don’t really fly but are transported via rope connected to a teahouse above a rest area by the gorge. Once the dumplings and tea are ordered, they are just placed within a basket and sent over. This appearance of dumplings being seen moving across the sky is what has given then their name. These are the famous creations of the Genbikei teahouse Kakkou-ya where you can also enjoy them at a table while getting a view of the gorge down below. Kakkou-ya has the charm of old Japan and is popular for its calming appearance.

Enjoy a stroll at Genbikei and an onsen

Take your time at Genbikei and enjoy a stroll. The 1km walking path that starts in front of the nearby Sahara Glass Park goes over a suspension bridge and you can also walk alongside the river while enjoying the scenery of the gorge. And there is an onsen ideal for day trips just a 10-minute walk from Genbikei.

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