Ubagataki Falls

A beautiful waterfall said to resemble the long flowing hair of an old woman

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The white ribbons of water flowing over the rock face are like that of an old woman’s unraveling of the hair. You can enjoy a walk in the midst of the mountain environment and enjoy a foot bath while viewing the waterfall.
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[close] Because Hakusan Shirakawa Village White Road is closed from November to mid-June, Ubagataki Falls and Oyadani-no-Yu Onsen cannot be visited during that time. Also, the fixed days off for Oyadani-no-Yu change year by year so checking beforehand is recommended. (currently the open-air bath is closed)
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The magnificent sight of a delicate yet dynamic waterfall

The Hakusan Shirakawa Village White Road which connects Ishikawa and Gifu Prefectures is a mountainous road from which you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery from the green early summer to the deep scarlet fall. Ubagataki Falls is located on the Ishikawa side and attracts many visitors as the premier sightseeing spot. It is a waterfall which is 76m tall and 100m wide, and the multiple layers of fine white water flowing over the rock wall have been compared to the unraveling of the hair of an old woman so that the name of Ubagataki was derived from its meaning of “Old Woman’s Waterfall”. This waterfall in which water furiously flows down appears delicate yet dynamic! Especially in the autumn, the sight of the white water coming down the mountain against the backdrop of the scarlet trees is magnificent. That sight is responsible for having Ubagataki included as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls of Japan.

Relax in a footbath after walking on a nature trail with plenty of negative ions

You can head to Ubagataki Falls from the Jadani Park parking area located by Hakusan Shirakawa Village White Road. The road to the waterfall is a nature trail that takes about 20 minutes from the parking area. While enjoying the view of the river scenery as the grand mountains and primeval forest reveal their seasonal beauty, you will be impressed by the sight of the falls when you finally arrive there. You can walk down close to the base of the falls where you can get a good look at the spectacular waterfall. Also, surrounding the Jadani River which flows over Ubagataki, there is the onsen Oyadani-no-Yu which is very popular for its free foot bath. Soaking your feet in the natural hot spring, it’s wonderful to view the falls while relaxing. There is a steep set of steps on the nature trail, so it’s recommended to wear safe shoes such as sneakers while walking on it.



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