An area that fulfills all of “Wonderful Japan” through its nature, culture, food, and onsen

Area Characteristics

Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the Hokuriku region facing the Sea of Japan in the center of the main island of Honshu. Daylight hours are few and there are many snowfall days in winter due to the cold created from seasonal winds. The prefectural capital is the city of Kanazawa. Daimyo culture that thrived during the Edo Era still remains today with brilliant traditional handicrafts including lacquerware, Kutani ware, and Kaga Yuzen kimono dyeing still continuing to be passed down. Some of Japan’s most famous onsen are also here. This is an area where you can feel the Japanese-ness as you enjoy its traditions and the lush natural environment.


Famous Spots

The most famous area is Kanazawa. The Edo Era scenic garden, Kenroku-en, and the old townscapes that have been nationally designated as Important Preservation Districts of Historic Buildings are beautiful (*refer to Kanazawa on Planetyze). As well, you can enjoy tours with many attractions everywhere such as Kaga known for its traditional handicrafts and onsen villages, Yamashiro, Noto with its picturesque scenery of cliffs facing the Sea of Japan and fresh seafood cuisine, and Mt. Haku with its grand scenery as a sacred mountain.




There is the famous seafood to be found in the Sanriku district facing the Sea of Japan. Within this area, amaebi, crabs, oysters, yellowtail and nodoguro which come into season from autumn into winter are splendid. Also, Ishikawa is famous for its sushi which makes use of its local ingredients. As well, you can also enjoy cuisine including the gorgeous Noto-don with its ingredients from the Noto area that is known as a treasure house of delicacies, and refined sake with its long history.




Kanazawa is the gateway for a tour of Ishikawa. It takes at least 2 hours and 30 minutes by Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa. JR train lines and local buses go to all parts of Ishikawa from Kanazawa. Also, taking the plane from all areas is convenient. There are two airports within the prefecture, and Komatsu Airport is very near Kanazawa. Head to Satoyama Airport if going to Noto. Using a rental car will be effective for touring Ishikawa Prefecture with its many attractions spread over a wide area.




Ishikawa Prefecture with its famous sites located on a north-south axis is good for deciding on accommodations based on the purpose of your visit. For Kanazawa, which can be reached easily by Shinkansen, there are many hotels with modern facilities located around the station. Japanese-style onsen inns are great if spending time in the natural inland onsen areas such as Kaga and Yamashiro or the onsen areas by the sea such as Wakura and Noto. There are also many top-class onsen inns that are known nationally for their high level of hospitality.