Top 7 Best Hot Springs (Onsen) in Hyogo

Here are the top 7 hot springs that you want to visit in Hyogo prefecture.
Arima Hot Springs is the most famous as it’s pretty easy to get to from Kobe. And Kinosaki Hot Springs is also a popular destination because you can tour 7 public open-air baths while strolling around town. The rest are Ako Hot Springs, Shiota Hot Springs, Sumoto Hot Springs, Takarazuka Hot Springs, and Yumura Hot Springs.


Ako Hot Springs 

Ako Onsen is located by the sea and on a clear day you can see the islands of the Seto Inland Sea from the bath. It is also a great place to see a beautiful sunset. The hot springs is known for its benefits for the skin.

Address Misaki, Akou-shi, Hyogo
Access From JR Kobe station, get on the Kobe Line New Limited Express and get off at Himeji station. Change lines to the JR Sanyo Main Line/Ako Line for Banshu-Ako station. It’s 15 min. by bus from JR Ako Line Banshu-Ako Station.

Shiota Hot Springs 

Shiota Onsen is located near the World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle. It is in a rural and quiet area, but it has been around for 300 years. In spring, the beautiful cherry blossoms bloom along the Yumesaki River, and in summer, you can see fireflies.

Address Yumesakichoshiota, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
Access 40 min. by bus from JR Himeji Station (Sanyo Main Line)


Sumoto Hot Springs 

Sumoto Onsen is the largest hot springs on Awaji Island, where a new hot springs source, good for the skin, was discovered in 1993. There are open air baths with panoramic views of the ocean at the local lodging facilities. You can also try the delicious seafood caught locally around Awaji Island.

Address Sumoto-shi, Hyogo
Access 1h 40 min. by bus from JR Sannomiya Station (Kobe Line)


Takarazuka Hot Springs 

Takarazuka Onsen is only 30 minutes away by train from Kobe or Osaka city. It has existed since 700 years ago and the local legend says the water of the hot springs cures illnesses.

Address Sakaemachi, Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo, Yumoto-cho
Access 3 min. from Takarazuka station on the Hankyu Railway Takarazuka Line or the JR Fukuchiyama Line


Yumura Hot Springs 

The water of Yumura Onsen gushes out at a temperature of 98°C. Hot springs of such high temperatures are rare in Japan. Eggs are sold nearby so that you can boil eggs in the hot springs. In winter, you can also enjoy the famous snow crab cuisine.

Address Yu, Shinonsen-cho, Hyogo
Access 20min. by bus from JR Hamasaka Station (Sanyo Line)


Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen
Arima Onsen, located on the north side of Mount Rokko at the base of Momiji Valley, has been held in esteem by the Imperial Family and the nobility since ancient times, as one of the most famous hot springs. It is Japan’s oldest “onsen”, located in the middle of Mother Nature.
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Kinosaki Onsen
Kinosaki Onsen
The appeal of this hot springs village is being able to not only relax in one “onsen”, but also being able to tour the town by visiting the 7 public baths. You will also get your fill of delicious meals and generous hospitality at the “ryokan” (Japanese style hotel).
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