Arima Onsen

One of the famous hot springs of Japan, surrounded by nature

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Arima Onsen, located on the north side of Mount Rokko at the base of Momiji Valley, has been held in esteem by the Imperial Family and the nobility since ancient times, as one of the most famous hot springs. It is Japan’s oldest “onsen”, located in the middle of Mother Nature.
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有馬温泉駅, Arimacho, Kita-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo

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An onsen village that has continued to be loved throughout its long history

Arima Onsen is a venerable hot spring that has been admired by the Imperial Family and the nobility for centuries. It was named in the famous Heian Era book, “The Pillow Book” as one of the three famous springs of Japan, and during the Edo Era, it was selected as the most prestigious hot spring on the rankings for onsen, and it continues to be so proud of its status and tradition that it represents the best of the onsen in the Kansai area. The Arima Onsen village located at the foot of Mt. Rokko and surrounded by the grand nature of Momiji Valley is brilliantly colored by the sakura of spring and the changing leaves of autumn. And in the summer, fireflies that usually only appear in a beautiful environment can be seen here. The village is also recommended for its vista in winter when it is enveloped in a pure white snowscape. Take a leisurely stroll through the onsen village that has that hint of nostalgia through features such as the bright red Nenebashi Bridge in the heart of the village and the Onsen Temple which is at the heart of the ever-changing expressions of nature throughout the year.

Visiting the public baths

At Arima Onsen, there are many public baths which you can enjoy with ease for their high-quality waters. Among these, there are the famous Gold Spring and the Silver Spring. At the Gold Spring, you can enjoy the famous waters of the kinsen. The kinsen has a high saline content to warm your body at its core and treat any skin problems. Next to the kinsen is the free foot bath. On the other hand, the Silver Spring has the famous waters of the ginsen, which are odorless and tasteless and are noted for their silky quality. They are effective on ailments such as neurological pain, and if drunk, they promote a good appetite. The onsen is popular for its calm Japanese-style interior. A day trip can also be recommended to tourists to visit the various public baths which can be used easily.

Other facilities

Outside of the onsen, you can also enjoy places such as the Arima Toys & Automata Museum which has a display of about 4000 toys and the various souvenir shops which sell old traditional items of Arima such as doll writing brushes and Arima baskets.

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