Biei Hills

There is no doubt about the impressiveness of the horizon and the hills that go off everywhere

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The town of Biei in Hokkaido is famous as a town of hills which has been used in commercials and televised dramas. The epic landscape just spreads out and it feels as if you are standing in the middle of a painting.
Kamikawagun, Bieicho, Hokkaido
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Patchwork Road

The hills of Biei in Hokkaido are characterized by a wealth of agriculture. It is especially the farmscapes on these hills that make it the No. 1 tourist spot for Biei. Forests were cleared to create the farmlands of today which led to the grand hills that can be seen today. Biei, which is located at the foot of the Daisetsuzan Tokachidake Mountain Range, is filled with crops that differ from season to season especially to prevent repeated cultivation so the hills take on different colors resembling a patchwork. For that reason, Biei’s area sandwiched by the hills on the northwest side has been called Patchwork Road. It is one of the 2 major tourist courses for the hills of Biei. The view from the northwest observatory garden where you can see the whole area around you is recommended. A pyramid-shaped observation point, you can also see the Tokachidake Mountain Range from there. The tree that stands out in the middle of the quietly expanding scenery of hills is the tree of Ken and Mary, the Seven Star tree which gained fame from its usage in commercials and on product packaging. The hills that look like a patchwork quilt never has the same appearance twice so that whenever you visit, you should always be freshly impressed.

Panorama Road

Panorama Road is located in the southern end of Biei which is the second major tourist course. More than Patchwork Road, it has continued to retain the same landscape which emphasizes its grand size. With an invigorating lush green within the hills that expand everywhere, this area is slightly different from Patchwork Road so that you can enjoy a refreshing scenery of hills. From the Shin’ei Hill Observatory and the San’ai Hill Observatory Park, you can get a view of the surrounding area. Also, the flower garden Shikisai Hills that opened in 2001 has become a tourist region representing Biei. Within its hilly area that is three times the size of Tokyo Dome, there is a beauty that cannot be missed with the many types of flowers blossoming there.

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