Patchwork Road

A patchwork landscape of hills spreading over a wide area

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The scenery of farmland spreading over a beautiful hilly zone brings together a wonderful collection of flowers and produce. There are many tourist spots to enjoy the grand landscape where you can appreciate the nature of Biei.
Biei, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido

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The grand nature of Biei is on an astounding scale

The hilly area that spreads everywhere is the attractive Biei of Hokkaido. One of the tourist areas where you can enjoy the grand scenery born in the midst of Mother Nature within the prefecture is Patchwork Road. To avoid any damage from continuous re-planting of the same or similar crops in the same area, a variety of flowers and produce is raised in this area. The scenery is just like a patchwork quilt and the path that goes through this hilly area to be able to view this scenery is Patchwork Road. Since different crops are grown every year, a different expression is shown to visitors each time. Also depending on the season, the atmosphere will completely change so any time is recommended. You can savor a landscape that is just like an illustration out of a picture book.

A tourist spot that has been used in commercials

Patchwork Road, being one of the famous tourist sites, claimed overnight fame through a car commercial due to a poplar tree. That tree is affectionately known as the Ken-and-Mary Tree named after the two characters from that car ad and it soars into the sky in the hilly area that seems to expand everywhere with the range of mountains in the background. Also there is Mild Seven Hill with a larch forest that has become famous due to its use in a cigarette commercial. This spot has also become a popular tourist area for its beautiful and wide landscape. In spring and summer, flowers blossom everywhere and the entire area is surrounded in a vivid atmosphere. At twilight, a magical and shining scene is revealed as the hill is colored in gold. The wide and beautiful farmland of Biei is a place where you can get a sense of being overseas while in Japan.

Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park

The pyramid-shaped Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park is another recommended sightseeing spot from where you can view the hilly area including the patchwork farmland and the Tokachi mountain range in the distance. A tourist information office is also available there so it’s a great place to gather information on the surrounding area. You can also buy special products and souvenirs from Biei Town.

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