Oshinkoshin Falls

To look out on the grand ocean from the observation point at the top of the falls is incredible

Selected as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls of Japan, it is also one of the Shiretoko Hakkei (8 Picturesque Spots of Shiretoko) as a site that you should not miss. You will also want to focus on the fall’s different expressions over the seasons. The waterfall can be approached midway through a series of stairs.
オシンコシンの滝, Uroto, Shari, Hokkaido
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Get a glimpse of Mother Nature at Shiretoko through the sight of these charming falls

Hokkaido’s Shari-cho where Oshinkoshin Falls is located is a town situated in the World Heritage-recognized region of Shiretoko on the western side of the prefecture. Even among the many sightseeing spots of Hokkaido, this tourist spot representing Shiretoko which also faces the boundless expanse of the Okhotsk Sea is a site that cannot be overlooked. Oshinkoshin is not only one of the Top 100 Waterfalls of Japan, but it is also one of the Shiretoko Hakkei. Located by the delta of the Charassenai River, it has a height of approximately 70 meters. The falls is also known by the alternate name of Futami (Twin Beauty) Falls since the flow of the water is split into two halfway down. Although it is thrilling to see the falls looking up from the bottom, you can also approach them midway up via stairs so it is also possible to view the powerful flow at an even closer distance. Furthermore, the observation point at the top of the falls is a recommended spot. From this point, you can see the endless Okhotsk Sea as well as the Shiretoko Mountains. The size of the huge sea will help you feel the wonder of Mother Nature in Hokkaido, and although the clear seas in spring and summer are recommended, too, the mid-winter scenery is exceptional. The view of the Okhotsk Sea appearing stark white due to the ice floes is a must-see opportunity.

Shiretoko Hakkei

To get a taste of Mother Nature at Shiretoko, you shouldn’t miss the other picturesque spots of the Shiretoko Hakkei. There is the Shiretoko Five Lakes area which has a wondrous atmosphere surrounded by a primeval forest, Kamuiwakka Falls whose river contains hot water flowing from an active volcano, Furepe Falls which is beloved under its nickname of “The Maiden’s Tears”, Shiretoko Pass which can be enjoyed for the fall colors on Mt. Rausu, Cape Puyuni which is famous for its superb scenery and sunsets, Oronko Rock which looks out at the townscape of Utoro and the Okhotsk Sea, and finally the romantic Yuuhidai Point also famous for its view of the sun setting into the ocean. These are the sites to truly enjoy nature in Shiretoko.

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