Furepe Waterfall

“The Maiden’s Tears” which trickle quietly down a sheer cliff

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On this 100m steep precipice, there is a waterfall fed from underground water flowing from the mountains. The Furepe Waterfall trickles quietly and gently so that it has been called Otome-no-Namida or“The Maiden’s Tears”. It is located on the nature trail heading to the Shiretoko Nature Center, and from its observation point, you can see the mighty sight of the Sea of Okhotsk where the Furepe Waterfall flows into.
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From dawn to dusk Please be aware that this is the natural habitat for the brown bear. You can check with the Shiretoko Nature Center on any brown bear sighting information. During winter, appropriate shoes for the snow are advised. (You can rent out snow shoes for a fee at the nature center)
Adult: 0 YEN
Children: 0 YEN
Iwabetsu, Sharicho, Hokkaido
(0152) 24-2114

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