Ōnuma Quasi-National Park

Enjoy a variety of activities within the grand nature of Hokkaido

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Located close to Hakodate, this is a large park which includes 3 lakes and the volcano Komagatake. This is a large natural resort which can be enjoyed fully by families for the environment that is very Hokkaido.
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8:00am-5:00pm (until 6:00 pm in July and August) [close] Mid-December to mid-April (please refer to the website since conditions such as snow accumulation may change)
145 Onumacho, Nanaecho, Kameda District, Hokkaido

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A park with many sights to see surrounded by Japanese white birch and maple trees

Ōnuma Quasi-National Park is one of the New Top Three Views of Japan alongside Miho-no-Matsubara in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yaba Valley in Oita Prefecture. The park includes the three lakes of Onuma, Konuma and Junsai. The name of Onuma came from the Ainu word “boro toh” which means “a large marsh”, the meaning of “onuma”. A serene and relaxing scene of lakes and marshes spreads out surrounded by nature including Japanese white birch and maple. There are bridges linking the islands floating in Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma so it’s perfect for that walk in the lake area. Depending on the season, there is a variety of flora thriving, and in the lakes, there are species of carp and pond smelt living there. Also, you can get a panoramic view of the still-active Komagatake whose soaring appearance behind the large lakes makes for a superb view that reflects the grand nature of Hokkaido. You can also spot various animals such as foxes and raccoons plus wild birds including ducks, swans and wagtails. Ōnuma Quasi-National Park’s scenery, flora and fauna change entirely from season to season so that no matter when visitors come, they will always discover something new.

Numerous activities to further enjoy nature

The area around the 14 kilometers of lakeshore is recommended for some fine walking and cycling. From early summer when the snow has finally melted, the natural sight of wild birds and plants can be enjoyed. Also, there are the highly popular boating and lake excursions. Recently, even canoeing has become very popular so that the feeling of a good wind while experiencing the surrounding environment provides an exceptional time. In addition, you can enjoy other activities from summer to fall such as horseback riding, camping, fishing and mountain climbing. And in winter, you can enjoy typical Hokkaido activities such as fishing for pond smelt that you can also eat, snowmobiling and skiing.

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