Lake Mashū

With the highest clarity in Japan, its a beautiful lake with a “Mashū Blue” coloring

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The beautiful scene of a volcano, a forest, and a lake can be found in Hokkaido’s Teshikagacho District. The crater, Lake Mashū, is a prefectural heritage, and the surrounding area can also be enjoyed for its hot springs villages.
Lake Mashu, Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido Prefecture

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A grand landscape born from nature

Lake Mashū has a depth of up to 200 meters and is a crater lake which boasts a clarity that is one of the highest in the world. A crater lake is formed when the crater part of a volcano collapses into itself, and since there are no rivers and few impurities to flow into it, the lake water that is conserved there has a high transparency. It is a lake whose surface changes expression with the season and the daily weather. It is also a lake which is often foggy to the point that it is referred to as Foggy Lake Mashū, but there are also times when the distinct deep blue color known as Mashū Blue is revealed. If you are fortunate, you might be able to encounter that Mashū Blue only found at the nearly pure Lake Mashū. The area surrounding the lake is filled with volcanoes and forests which are all protected as a national park.

3 observation points

The grand landscape born from nature can be viewed from 3 observation points. There is the relatively fog-free Uramashu Observation Deck, the most popular Observation Deck No. 1 and Observation Deck No. 3 which has Mashū Hill right in front. Each observation deck naturally has its own different view of Lake Mashū. You will enjoy the area while focusing on the various changes of Lake Mashū along with Kamuish Island, Mashū Hill and Kussharo Crater.

The local onsen villages

Around the Lake Mashū area, there is an onsen village which you can enjoy for its high-quality water which will soothe travelers. There is the Kawayu Onsen which is near Observation Deck No. 3 and Mashū Onsen right by Observation Deck No. 1. There are no accommodations at Teshikagacho, but there are numerous onsen which you can enjoy for a simple bath. You can also walk over to onsen such as Ike-no-Yu facing Kussharo Lake and Cotan-no-Yu. Another feature is being able to enjoy a luxurious onsen while admiring the swans gathering in the lake and the starry night sky.

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