Peace Boulevard

A street which gathers wishes for peace that has been selected as one of the Top 100 Streets in Japan

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The 4km east-west boulevard cuts across the center of the city of Hiroshima and has been selected alongside Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park as one of the Top 100 urban views in Japan. Large scale events are also held on the street such as festivals and illumination.
Heiwa Odori, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
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A Hiroshima symbol praying for world peace

Peace Boulevard began as a buffer zone with the buildings from World War II being demolished. It is a wide street which extends 4km from Hijiyama Park in the east to the plaza in front of Nishi-Hiroshima Station in the west. The street within the precious green belt acts as a 100m-wide urban east-west axis which has earned enough high praise to earn a place as one of the Top 100 Streets in Japan. Many kinds of events have been held on the street including ekiden races and the victory parade for the professional baseball team, Hiroshima Carp. Furthermore, it has become a well-known symbol for the city.

Lighting up the winter nights

Hiroshima Dreamination is the largest winter event in Hiroshima attracting more than half a million people annually as it is held from mid-November to New Year’s Day. Peace Boulevard, illuminated under the concept of a fairyland, is enveloped in a fairy tale-like atmosphere with approximately 1.4 million lights illuminating the area centering on the green belt and Alice Garden. Visitors are able to touch the lights to illuminate them, and there are also photography spots which appear to be part of the illumination in all areas. Illumination created by visitors are also on display.

Hiroshima’s largest event “Hiroshima Flower Festival”

The Hiroshima Flower Festival is held during Golden Week. While the peace memorial ceremonies held on August 6th involve “quiet” events, the Flower Festival is an event which evokes “action” and is filled with life. Consisting of the 3 parts of parade, stage events and a plaza, more than 1.6 million people have a great time during the event’s 3 days. Lasting until the evening, illuminated candles with messages for peace and origami crane mikoshi (portable shrines) decorate Peace Memorial Park.

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