Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

An invaluable historic museum that continues to convey the horrors of the atomic bomb

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A museum with a collection of materials related to the damage and the suffering caused by the atomic bomb. The exhibit includes belongings of the victims and evidence from the moment immediately after the bombing. These valuable items relate the story of the atomic bomb to the younger generations with no war experience.
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Saturday ( 8:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
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Weekdays ( 8:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Adult: 50 JPY
1-2 Nakajimacho, Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
(082) 241-4004

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Learn about the times immediately and shortly after the atomic bombing

Along with the Atomic Bomb Dome, this is a place for learning about the atomic bombing. Starting merely four years after the atomic bombing, materials related to the damage and suffering caused by the atomic bomb had been exhibited since 1949. Then in 1955, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was opened. This museum conveys the conditions at the time of the bombing by a wide range of display including explanations of the structure and destructive power of the atomic bomb, explanations of radioactivity, heat rays, the blast, and damages caused by fire, as well as an exhibition of the belongings of the victims. Even visitors of generations with no war experience are certain to receive an intense impact from the exhibited items which include valuable evidences such as a scorched lunch box, a burnt uniform, stone steps marked with a person’s shadow created by the heat rays, and traces of black rain. Visitors are allowed to touch the exhibited heat ray-damaged roof tiles which were melt and rendered into a bubbly form by the massive heat.

Audio guides in 17 languages and pamphlets in 9 languages are available

Videos of more than 300 victims speaking of their experiences can be viewed at any time. Furthermore, audio guides in 17 languages and pamphlets in 9 languages are available. An exhibition of “Hiroshima’s History in Light of the Atomic Bombing” is displayed at the East Building in which historical facts of Hiroshima from the times before and after the bombing are introduced. The belongings and pictures of victims are exhibited at the Main Building. The museum shop is also located in the Main Building.

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7 years ago
Makes you go silent
I really suggest everyone to go see the museum. It is not a pleasant trip, but it makes you think, it makes you learn, it makes you se how horrible the incident and the aftermath of it was. After seeing, reading and learning of the horrors the people had to endure from the bombing it made me stay silent from the rest of the day. It strengthened my view how the world does not need atomic bombs and should never have had them in the first place.
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8 years ago
Heartbreaking and informative
Looking at the images and recovered items is truly heartbreaking. It is a very well set out museum that deserves a lot of recognition. If you are in Hiroshima, you should definitely check it out.
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9 years ago
For me, this is the best sight in Japan. This museum is brutal. Its very VERY heavy and makes you feel terrible. But it should. That's one of the points. To show the horrors of war and of nuclear weapons. I have been to this museum twice and both occasions left me with a heavy heart. But is something I believe people should see. Very informative, very emotional. Amazing. I highly recommend Hiroshima.
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