Mt. Misen

A mysterious mountain that has been registered as a World Heritage site alongside Itsukushima Shrine for its primeval forest

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A sacred mountain for the gods since ancient times, Mt. Misen towers over its island of Miyajima which has one of The Three Views of Japan. It is a miracle spot which has a 10,000-year-old primeval forest, fantastically-shaped rocks and The Seven Wonders.
Misen, Miyajimacho Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
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Various routes matching one’s time and stamina to get to the top

Mt. Misen has an altitude of 535m. The view from the peak takes in a huge panoramic view of 360 degrees overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and the islands. There are 3 mountain-climbing routes. The shortest route, the Momijidani Course, is the ideal trail for beginners which can be enjoyed for the colors of the four seasons. In particular, the wonderful colors of autumn can be savored through the many maple trees along the gorge. Stone Buddhist images remain from the ancient days along the Daisho-in Course, and there are many spots along the way that are great for observation. There is a 2000-step stone stairway and the route is ideal for its paved road going downhill. The longest route, the Omoto Course, goes through the Natural Monument-designated Virgin Forest Misen. You can enjoy a walk in a mystical atmosphere of lush woods and many gigantic rocks. The climb to the peak takes anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours one way. There is also a ropeway available so that you will want to use the route that best suits your time and stamina.

Enjoy searching for the Seven Wonders

At the mysterious mountain where the gods reside, there exist some strange legends. A fascinating stroll is to be had while searching for the Seven Wonders. There is the Eternal Flame at the peak which hasn’t died out in 1200 years. Just opposite is the Plum Tree of Tin Stick beside the Hon-do main hall of Mizen; it is said that the plum tree was formed from the staff of Kobo Daishi, the monk who first visited Mt. Mizen. Just behind the Hon-do and below is the Mandara-iwa which is a giant bedrock on which writings and illustrations of Kobo Daishi are engraved upon it. The Kanman-iwa is a rock whose small hollow retains water which rises and falls according to the tides. The strange thing is that it is located 500m above sea level and the water even contains salt. The other Wonders are the Sound of Wooden Clappers heard late at night, the Shigure-zakura and the Tourou-no-Sugi, neither of which exist now.

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6 years ago
Long walk, but soooo worth it!
This trek took forever! It was in summer, it was very hot and very humid. But that view! Thaaaaat view! Too good for words! But I'll try anyway. You can see the entire island from the top, and all across the bay. Its stunning! The climb is super steep and quite hard if you are unfit (Like myself). BUT! For those who simply, can't be bothered. Never fret! The great invention known as the "Cable car" can take you 3/4 of the way to the top! Though it's slightly expensive. While the climb is hard-ish. It's a very beautiful hike, I assume it would be very nice in the spring time. Go here! Climb the Mountain! Yeah!
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