Momijidani Park

One of the foremost sites for the fall colors in the Chugoku district is an erosion control garden elaborately designed to meld with Mother Nature

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A famed area for the changing leaves of autumn. The 700 maple trees show their colors at once between the middle and end of November. But it’s not just about the fall leaves…the fresh greenery of spring and summer is also popular and you can enjoy it together with the surrounding tourist spots.
Momijidani Park, Miajimacho Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima
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Momijidani Park, an erosion control garden in consideration of the landscape

A park that extends along the Momijidani River, it was built in consideration of the landscape as a garden erosion control measure after the area recovered from damage inflicted from a typhoon 70 years ago. The construction was done thanks to the design proposed by local Hiroshima landscape gardeners which took into account the natural environment through measures such as the placement of natural stones that would conceal any concrete put down so as not to damage any of the rocks in the park. The 150-year-old Iwaso Inn also melts into the park’s scenery. It can be reached within 20 minutes’ walk from Miyajima Pier. East of Momijidani Park, there is an area which is known for its many deer known as Yatsugahara Biroku which is one of the 8 Great Views of Itsukishima.

One of the most famous areas for the fall colors in the Chugoku district

At Momijidani Park, there are 560 Japanese maple trees which symbolize the fall colors, 100 giant maples which possess noble and beautiful leaves, and 40 redvein and mountain maples which are notable for their three-pronged leaves. The leaves around Momiji Bridge that is a popular photo spot within the park are absolutely splendid and change into a color that seems to burst into flame.

Take a break at the teahouse after visiting the shrine in the park

On the way to the ropeway’s Momijidani Station, there is Shinomiya Shrine which is a subordinate shrine of Itsukishima Shrine. Known also as Tanomosan, the Shinomiya Shrine Festival is held there every August with visiting island residents holding replicas of a boat carrying the same name of Tanomosan. Once the residents undergo a purification rite, they make their prayers for a bountiful harvest and then head from Itsukishima Shrine toward the giant torii gate where they let the boats go on the ocean. Also, there are two teahouses within the park where you can enjoy meals at the outdoor tables while basking in the atmosphere of the woods.

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