In autumn, the plains of Sengokuhara turn gold

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Sengokuhara is the wetlands and the plains of pampas grass that covers a wide area of Hakone. The autumn pampas has been selected as one of The Top 50 Picturesque Sceneries of Kanagawa and The Top 100 Flowers of Kanagawa. It is visited by many people during the early spring when the controlled burning of the mountain “Yamayaki” occurs.
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The golden carpet of pampas grass is an autumnal reminder in Hakone

On the slopes of Mt. Daigatake in Sengokubara, Japanese pampas grass grows all over. At the end of summer, the tips of the grass start to turn gold and the pampas have lush green stems. Entering late fall, the grass takes on a golden color and taking in the sunlight, the scenery becomes a golden carpet. While thoroughly enjoying the pampas, going up the lone path reveals a landscape that resembles a golden sea as far as the eye can see. You can view splendid scenery where the plains are in harmony with the surrounding mountains and wetlands.

The annual custom of yamayaki occurs between mid and late March. The plains’ vegetation and scenery are maintained through fire. About 200 local residents set fire to 18 hectares of the plains, and the growing fire burns the grass down in one shot. The burned plains bathe in the sun’s rays and warm up rapidly so that the spring flora bloom in white and violet and the pampas start to bud.

Popular as a walking and hiking course

The 17 hectares of wetlands adjacent to the pampas plains once had iris blooming all over. They cannot currently be seen, but at the nearby Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands, the wetlands have been recreated. June is the peak time to see the irises. The Sengokubara/Kojiri Natural Sightseeing Path which goes as far as Lake Ashi is on the former site of a farm. The highland formed from the opening of the abandoned land is also popular as a cycling road.

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