Steam vents of Mt. Hakone can be seen all over the valley Owakudani

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Owakudani was created when the Hakone volcano exploded about 3000 years ago. Powerful outbursts of smoke and sulfur can be viewed up close in the well maintained areas.
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Owakudani Hot Spring, 1251 Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
(0460) 84-9605

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Powerful volcanic activity among stunning views of Mt. Fuji

The Hakone volcano continues to be active. At Owakudani, white smoke is rising up even now. The geothermal area of Owakudani is one of the largest of the countless fumarole areas in Mt. Hakone, which continues to be volcanically active. In the Edo period, it was known as Jigokudani, but the name was changed to Owakudani during a visit from Emperor Meiji. Owakudani is also a source of spring water. The hot spring water from Owakudani spreads across the Hakone area. One of the attractions of Owakudani is the stunning viewing point of the beautiful Mt. Fuji. The view of Mt. Fuji, which changes in each season, can be seen throughout the year by ascending to the top of Mt. Kanmuritake at a height of nearly 800 meters using the Hakone Ropeway.

Enmei-jizo and Kurotamago (black eggs)

Enmei-jizo in Owakudani is said to have its origins in a prayer offered to Bodhisattva for suffering people by Koubu Daishi upon seeing the hellish scenery when he visited Owakudani more than 1000 years ago. Today, many people come to Jizo for prayers for long life and raising children. Owakudani is also famous for black eggs. These boiled eggs are steamed after being boiled in the hot springs at Owakudani. They are called black eggs because the shell becomes completely black due to a hydrogen sulfide chemical reaction. Eating one black egg is said to extend one’s lifespan by seven years. Please try them when visiting Owakudani.

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9 years ago
Perfect outing before relaxing in an onsen!
The natural landscape of Owakudani is really cool and other-worldly; something akin to Mordor from Lord of the Rings. As you take the cable car up the mountain you get a good view of the smoking sulphuric valley. Once you arrive at the top, you can then continue by foot to take an up-close look at the bubbling pools and steam vents that dot the mountainside. But be warned - the whole area has a very strong sulphur smell! Owakudani is the perfect activity for an afternoon - after which you can return to Hakone and soak in one of its many incredible onsen! Note: You should check before planning your trip here, as sometimes Owakudani is closed due to volcanic activity.
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