Fukiware-no-Taki Falls

A spectacular waterfall that has been dubbed the Niagara of East Asia

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“Fukiware-no-Taki”, nationally designated as a Natural Monument, is also called the Niagara of East Asia because of its spectacular appearance. It is a popular spot you can enjoy along with the beauty of the surrounding rugged valley.
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Fukiware-no-taki Water Fall, Gunma
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The powerful appearance of Fukiware-no-Taki where the surrounding rock has been cracked open

Fukiware-no-Taki is a 7-meter high and 30-meter wide waterfall which flows into an eroded V-shaped trench. It is said that a huge crack was formed in the bedrock over a long period exceeding 10,000 years. Due to the erosion of the huge rock, many fissures have formed so that the rock appears to have been cracked open (fukiware) thus giving the waterfall its name. The charm of Fukiware-no-Taki lies in the ability to get that very close view. The view of the falls from the rocky point next to them is incredible and it is that rare spot where you can feel the roar and spray of the falls at close range.

The mysterious legend of the falls

Fukiware-no-Taki has been mentioned as having an association with the ancient Ryugu, or the undersea Palace of the Dragon King which has appeared in old tales of Japan. There are legends which include one in which if paper is thrown into the falls to borrow a bowl to be used in the local village festival, then the number of bowls requested will be placed on the rock on the day before the event. The story also goes that if someone forgets to return the bowls just once, then they will never be lent a second time. Unreturned bowls are still carefully stored even now in the village which helps to maintain this mysterious legend.

A nature trail to enjoy the rugged beauty of the valley

In the surrounding area, there is a nature trail serving the valley. The downstream area of Fukiware Valley has the incredible sights of the 15m-tall Masutobi Falls, the sinister-looking Hanya Rocks, and the fantastic rock wall formations which tower over 10m. As well, there are plenty of other sights to see including Ukishima Bridge with its panoramic view of the valley during its seasons of fresh greenery and autumn colors, and the Ukishima Kannon-do Hall on Ukishima Island right in the middle of the river. There are 3 observation plateaus so that you can view the falls from a variety of angles.

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