Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

Go above the clouds on Japan’s first double-decker ropeway!

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The ropeway has a total length of 3200m and spans an altitude of 1039m. From the observation platform at 2156m, you can enjoy the mountains of the Northern Alps like Mount Nishi-Hotaka, Mount Yarigatake and Mount Kasagatake.
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710-58 Okuhida Onsengō Kansaka
(0578) 89-2252

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The incredible panorama of the Northern Alps!

The Shin-Hotaka Ropeway consists of two ropeways with No. 1 starting from Shin-Hotaka Station up to Nabedaira Kogen Station and then No. 2 going from Shirakabadaira Station to Nishi-Hotakaguchi Station. At a total length of 3200m, the ropeway crosses a height of 1039m. The No. 1 ropeway is totally enclosed in glass and the No. 2 ropeway is a large double-decker gondola to be enjoyed for its journey through the sky. The greatest attraction is the ability to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons with the beautiful contrast between the remaining snow and new leaves of spring, the clean air and woods of summer, the red and gold of autumn spreading across the mountains, and the world of white of winter. No matter the time of year, there are different ways to enjoy the region.

The Nabedaira Kogen Station area is filled with enjoyable facilities such as a nature trail and onsen!

Just changing ropeways and then heading straight up to the top would be a waste. At Nabedaira Kogen Station where the No. 1 ropeway stops, there are also plenty of things to see. There are various facilities such as the Sangakukan where you can learn about the natural environment of Oku-Hida, the 2.3km nature trail which you can walk at your leisure through the woods, and the Sanyaso Garden with its colorful wildflowers and mountain flora. There is also the Kamitakara-no-Yu outdoor baths which consist of sulfur springs whose waters provide smooth skin. Your body will warm up from the inside and relax after the exertions of a walk.

From the 2156 observation platform, enjoy a superb view of the Northern Alps

After enjoying Nabedaira Kogen, take the No. 2 ropeway from Shirakabadaira Station to Nishi-Hotakaguchi Station. From the rooftop observation platform above the station, you can enjoy a 360-degree grand panoramic view of the Northern Alps including Mt. Nishi-Hotaka, Mt. Yarigatake and Mt. Kasagatake. Furthermore, at Sengoku Garden just outside of Nishi-Hotakaguchi Station, there is a walking course which goes through a primeval forest. You can also view wild mountain plants and the pretty blossoms of highland plants from May to October along with a gigantic snow corridor in winter. How about sending a letter in commemoration of visiting this 2156m highland? The Yamabiko mailbox which is located nearby Nishi-Hotaka Station is Japan’s highest mailbox which handles collection and delivery all throughout the year. At the station shop, you can purchase postcards and stamps which can only be bought here.

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