Hida Kokubun-ji Temple

A giant 1250-year-old gingko tree stands tall within this ancient temple which has existed since the Nara Era

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Hida Kokubun-ji Temple has a long history since its construction during the Nara Era in the year 746. The temple has undergone various crises such as destruction but the Main Hall is said to have been built in the Muromachi Era. It has that ambiance of an ancient temple with features such as a three-floor pagoda that is estimated to be 1250 years old and a huge gingko tree.
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Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 4:0 AM )
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Takaramonokan Holidays: December 1st-January 1s
1-83 Sowamachi, Takayama, Gifu
(0577) 32-1395

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