An old fashioned townscape with many antique Western style buildings and warehouses built in the old “kura” style

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During the feudal age, the area by the western gate of the castle town of Aizu was very lively. From the west side of Noguchi Hideyo Seishun-dori street to Nanokamachi Station, this area has a nostalgic atmosphere
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七日町駅, Nanokamachi, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima
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Take a gentle walk through history

During the feudal age, Nanokamachi-dori passed through Nikko, Echigo and the main road of Aizu Gokaido of Yonezawa. For that reason, there were many ryokan, merchant houses and restaurants lined up all in a row with a vitality that was singular to Aizu. A market was set up every month on the 7th on the street which is why it has the name of Nanokamachi-dori (The 7th Day Town Avenue). The liveliness continued into the Meiji Era and right up into the middle of the Showa Era. Although there was a period of decline, this bustling street has become popular again for its retro flavor, and many tourists are seeing this vitality again. The Western buildings and structures that have been erected in the kura warehouse style remain on this precious street so a leisurely stroll is the best thing.

Wonderful buildings to see and enjoy

As a tourist destination, Nanokamachi-dori makes good use of its historic buildings. The Shirokiya Lacquerware Company that makes use of an old Western building with thick mortar walls was founded 300 years ago. It’s not just a store to buy accessories and Aizu lacquerware, but it is also a museum relating the history of such lacquerware and you can also observe the process behind its production. Then, there is Mitsutaya in a restored miso warehouse where you can sample the Aizu regional cuisine of Dengaku (tofu coated and baked in miso). The wooden 3-story building that houses Suehiro Sake Brewery Kaei-Gura has free samplings of 6 different kinds of sake, and there are many other shops such as those which provide workshops in painting candles, and ryokan where you can enjoy local cooking and that secret hideaway type of atmosphere. With its retro yet cute feel, just observing the area will make you feel as if you were in a Taisho-Era romance. On top of that, the Eki Café which is situated inside JR Nanukamachi Station on the Tadami Line is a shop selling local specialties from the 17 municipalities of the Aizu region. In the café, you can have coffee made with water which was used in brewing local sake, browse through the sales corner of Aizu specialties and check out the tourist information corner.

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