Ohori Park

A lush green park in the middle of the city to enjoy entertainment, culture, and sports

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This is a park rich where you can spend a relaxing day. There is an art museum possessing a jewel collection, a Noh stage featuring traditional Japanese entertainment, and stylish cafes and restaurants.
1-2, Ohri kouen, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
(092) 741-2004

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A park surrounding a huge pond as a place of respite for the citizens

Formerly the outer moat for Fukuoka Castle which was built over an inlet on Hakata Bay, Ohori Park was established as a prefectural park in 1927 for the citizens of Fukuoka to use as a place of rest. Situated in the center of Fukuoka City, within its 398,000 square meters, it mostly consists of a pond which is surrounded by a strolling path that measures about 2 km, a forest for wild birds, children’s playgrounds, a Noh theater, a Japanese garden, pond islands that are joined by 4 bridges, the Ukimi-do pavilion, and a boat house. On the strolling path around the pond, there is a rubber-chip pavement and distance signs which provide an ideal environment for jogging and cycling. In addition, there are 2 playgrounds for children supplied with slides and other equipment for families to enjoy. At the adjacent Nishi Park, an area of 1300 cherry trees which has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 Famous Places for Sakura blooms every year, and in the autumn, the leaves of maple and gingko trees are beautiful. There is also a large observation plaza from where the city of Fukuoka, Hakata Bay and Shika Island can be seen.

An amusement spot where you can enjoy entertainment and culture

There are various facilities within the park. Inside the 12000㎡ Japanese garden, a waterfall and artificial hill surround a large pond, and there is a dry landscape garden and a teahouse built in the sukiya style. Each of these places are connected by a path which winds around the pond making it easy to take a nice walk, and with the large variety of trees and plants, you can enjoy the different expressions throughout the four seasons. The Fukuoka Art Museum has over 14,000 artifacts including tea ceremony utensils (some of which have become Important Cultural Properties), Buddhist art, antique works, and works by world-regarded masters such as Dali, Miro & Chagall along with creations by Kyushu-born artists such as Seiki Kuroda, Shigeru Aoki and Hanjiro Sakamoto. On the Noh stage, the traditional Japanese dramatic form of Noh is performed, so it is worth checking out since tickets can be purchased online in advance. The boathouse area is a hit with the young people as it is filled with stylish cafes and restaurants. With rowboat rentals, it is also a spot that is popular with families.

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7 years ago
Mini-escape from the city
Just located in the center of Fukuoka, Ohori Park is the perfect mini-getaway with an amazing pond. You can also rent a swan boat or a rowboat. Don't forget to visit Japanese garden nearby if you have time. The Fukuoka Castle Ruins are also close by the park. It is highly recommend spot for family.
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8 years ago
City escape
This is a very wide and peaceful park that is great way to escape the bustle of the city. There is a great Starbucks where you can sit and enjoy the view. The lake has a very long picturesque bridge.
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8 years ago
The park that made me appreciate Fukuoka.
I was strolling around with my friends as we were about to go to the Fukuoka tower when we encountered this place - the place that kept us the whole morning to stay and forgot our trip to Fukuoka tower. That's how we were impressed with this park. The pond itself is astoundingly beautiful and impressive due to its large size. Me and my friend were supposed to walk around it but only made half of the trip as the lake was really enormous in size, to think that it is situated in a busy city. What a peaceful place to contemplate after a long day from somewhere, I envy the people who lives nearby here since it is a really good relaxation area where you can jog, bike, play with your pet dog and friends as well as stage mini performances. Quite surprising to find a park like this in the middle of an urban jungle. Not to mention that it is inhabited by various kinds of birds and water creatures that makes it a unique tourist spot in Fukuoka. Cannot say much with other places inside of it that requires entrance as we weren't able to go inside of those since we already enjoyed spending the afternoon roaming around. I haven't been to so many parks during my stay here in Japan but I consider Ohori as one of the best and well-kept public parks of Japan.
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9 years ago
Beautiful park with an amazing lake
Ohori Park is a nice place to relax and escape the city, and perfect for a picnic. It has cycling, jogging, and walking paths. Flat concrete, with distances marked out on the floor, making it a perfect place to train for a marathon, and often you will see numerous athletes throughout the day doing just that. The route encompasses a huge lake in the middle of the park. Stages, restaurants, and an art museum, and the remains of Fukuoka Castle, offer plenty of further distractions.
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